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Companies Lose Billions Buying Back Their Own Stock

By Bernard Condon, Matthew Craft | Feb 11
If you think your stocks are doing poorly, check out the performance of some of the most sophisticated investors, the ones with more knowledge about what's going on inside businesses than anyone else: Companies that buy their own shares.

How to Fix the Euro: Top Bankers Urge Closer Ties

By David McHugh | Feb 10
The top central bankers from France and Germany are joining in an appeal to fix longstanding flaws in the euro currency by more closely integrating their economies and putting more authority over financial policies at the European level.

Reborn Maine Milling City Offers Lessons Amid Refugee Crisis

By David Sharp | Feb 9
The arrival of thousands of Somali refugees in this former mill city in the nation's whitest state sparked a backlash at first, complete with a rally of white supremacists and a pig's head rolled into the local mosque.

First Lawsuit in State Lottery-Fixing Scandal Seeks Millions

By Ryan J. Foley | Feb 8
It was one of those dreams-come-true moments that lotteries love to promote when "Lucky Larry" Dawson smiled as he claimed a $9 million jackpot, surrounded by his kids and grandkids.

UN Panel: Too Often Only Half of Aid Money Gets to the Needy

By Edith M. Lederer | Feb 7
Too often only half of the money from donors is getting to the millions of people devastated by conflicts and natural disasters who desperately need humanitarian aid, the co-chair of a U.N.-appointed panel said Wednesday.

Jobs Report Helps Ease Concerns A Recession Might Be Nearing

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Feb 6
U.S. manufacturing is shrinking, corporate profits are declining and goods are piling up on warehouse shelves. Those trends have elevated concern that a U.S. recession may loom in the next year or two.

What Potential Home Buyers Need to Know

Feb 5
Thirty-two percent of real estate transactions run into some kind of delay.

Cheap Oil Buoys Consumers, Shakes Up Global Governments

Feb 4
Cheap oil will be sticking around for a while. That reality is wreaking havoc and causing uncertainty for some governments and businesses, while creating financial windfalls for others.

Upper Midwest Farmers Transitioning to Organic Can Get Aid

By Blake Nicholson | Jan 31
North Dakota and Minnesota are helping farmers with the three-year transition from traditional crops to organic production.

Panhandlers Win in Court Over Sheriff's Office in Chicago

By Michael Tarm | Jan 29
A jury at a federal civil trial Thursday awarded $1,500 each to two panhandlers who took one of the nation's largest sheriff's offices to court for violating their constitutional right to ask passers-by for money.

1 thru 10 of 2608 Stories