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Brexit Costs UK Its Spot Among Top 5 Investment Destinations

By Pan Pylas | Oct 19
Britain has lost its place as one of the top five investment destinations in the wake of the country's decision to leave the European Union, according to a survey released Monday.

Wells Fargo's Earnings Fall As Bank Deals with Scandal

By Ken Sweet | Oct 17
Wells Fargo's earnings slipped in the third quarter, the bank said Friday, as the banking giant started dealing with the aftermath of a sales practices scandal that has consumed it in recent weeks.

Medicare Unveils Far-Reaching Overhaul of Doctors' Pay

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Oct 16
Medicare on Friday unveiled a far-reaching overhaul of how it compensates doctors and other clinicians. The goal is to reward quality, cost-effective care instead of just paying piecemeal for services.

Goldman Sachs Launches Personal Loan Service

By Ken Sweet | Oct 15
Goldman Sachs unveiled a long-awaited online consumer lending service Thursday, the investment bank's latest push to retail banking.

Thai Seafood Exporter Tainted by Slavery Invests $575M in Red Lobster

Oct 13
Red Lobster is getting a $575 million investment from a Thai seafood exporter of shrimp that The Associated Press found last year came from supply chains tainted by slavery.

Clinton - Not Trump - Proposes Closing Real Estate Loophole

By Nicholas Riccardi | Oct 13
Trump contends he has the expertise to fix the tax code, but is proposing changes that would benefit wealthy families like his. Clinton now is proposing changes to the tax code.

For Showing How Contracts Work Best, 2 Economists Win Nobel

By Paul Wiseman and Karl Ritter | Oct 11
Let insiders easily cash in stock options, and you risk seeing executives abandon a failing company. Encourage contractors to sacrifice quality to cut costs and you might cause other problems.

Global Finance Leaders Contending with Anti-Trade Backlash

By Martin Crutsinger and Maria Danilova | Oct 10
World finance officials, still searching for ways to rejuvenate a sluggish global economy, now face the added problem of dealing with a growing anti-trade backlash that threatens to make the economic situation worse.

Solid Hiring, Better Pay Draw More Americans into Job Hunt

Oct 9
Drawn by steady hiring and slightly higher pay, more Americans began looking for work in September, a sign of renewed optimism about the U.S. job market.

Rising Cost of Medicaid Expansion is Unnerving Some States

By Christina A. Cassidy | Oct 8
The cost of expanding Medicaid under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul is rising faster than expected in many states, causing budget anxieties and political misgivings.

1 thru 10 of 2814 Stories