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Review :: Christine

By Roger Walker-Dack | Oct 14
This fictionalized version of the woman behind an actual on-air suicide boasts a career-best performance and top-flight script.

Review :: The Accountant

By Roger Walker-Dack | Oct 14
His autism makes him an obsessively detailed numbers man, but it's his schizophrenia that makes him a ruthless gung-ho gun-toting killer.

Review :: Miss Hokusai

By Greg Vellante | Oct 14
Deserving of the biggest screen possible for an all-encompassing viewing experience, "Miss Hokusai" is an offbeat visual delight.

Review :: Sky Ladder: The Art Of Cai Guo-Qiang

By Louise Adams | Oct 14
Oscar-winner Kevin Macdonald chronicles the creation of a real life, illuminated stairway to heaven in the stylish 75-minute documentary.

Review :: Mascots

By Roger Walker-Dack | Oct 13
With his newest film, Christopher Guest's sardonic humor is aimed squarely at the rather bizarre culture of furry sports mascots.

Review :: Kevin Hart: What Now?

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 12
From domestic exasperations to adventures with sex toys and feverish encounters at Starbucks, Hart knows the value of building to a comic crescendo, and he sequences his laughs accordingly.

Review :: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

By Michael Cox | Oct 12
Adam DeVine and Zac Efron need to look respectable for a wedding, so they pick up dirty girls Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza on Craigslist.

Review :: John Carpenter's The Thing - Collector's Edition

By Ken Tasho | Oct 11
How ironic that many of horror director John Carpenter's films have been remade over the years, but in 1982 he did a fantastic re-imagining/remake of a 1950s sci-fi classic.

Review :: Les Cowboys

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 11
Everything here is the deliberate work of a master storyteller, and when the ending arrives, everything makes a necessary, and viscerally emotional, sort of sense.

Review :: X-Men: Apocalypse

By Kilian Melloy | Oct 11
Bryan Singer returns behind the camera to bring the X-Men into the '80s with "X-Men: Apocalypse," now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

10 thru 19 of 6961 Stories