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KFC Launches Edible Nail Polish That's Literally Finger Lickin' Good

To use, consumers simply apply and dry like regular nail polish, and then lick-again and again and again."

Philly Gay Basher Kathryn Knott Hit With $5 Million Lawsuit

Although convicted Philadelphia gay-basher Kathryn Knott is currently serving five to 10 months in prison for the 2014 brutal beating of a gay couple in Center City, her real trouble may be just about to start.

Ariz. High Schooler Exposes Himself in Yearbook, Gets Arrested & Playgirl Offer

An Arizona high school student who was recently arrested after exposing himself in a yearbook photo received an offer to pose nude for

Watch: Anti-Gay Jehovah's Witness Kids Cartoon Edited With Pro-LGBT Ending

The anti-gay kid's animated short released by Jehovah's Witnesses that drew fire earlier this week got a makeover Thursday and was re-edited to make it more accepting.

Study Shows Stigma Prevents Black Female College Students From Using Online HIV Resources

AIDS | By EDGE | May 6
New research finds that black female college students were often unlikely to use online resources related to HIV prevention, due to the stigma associated with the disease.

Fight Against HIV Far From Over in West and Central Africa

AIDS | By EDGE | May 6
People living with HIV/AIDS in West and Central Africa continue to suffer needlessly and die silently despite globally-agreed goals to curb the HIV epidemic by 2020, says Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières.

Watch: Pat Robertson Claims the Devil is Behind Trans Protections

Pat Robertson thinks the devil made him do it.

Despite Anti-LGBT Comments, Boxer Pacquaio Jumps to 3rd in Senate Race

Boxer Manny Pacquiao may have lost a valuable Nike endorsement deal over anti-LGBT remarks he made earlier this year, but they may end up earning him a seat in his country's Senate.

After Trans Woman Records Attack, Clinton Offers Support

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton sent a message of support to a transgender woman who made headlines this week after posting a video she recorded showing a woman attacking her on a New York City subway.

Trump Says He Was Surprised By Paul Ryan's Rebuff

POLITICS | By Steve Peoples and Erica Werner | May 6
Donald Trump said Friday he was surprised by House Speaker Paul Ryan's rebuff of him as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

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