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Report: Prince Tried to Meet with Doctor Before Death

Prince had arranged to meet a California doctor to try to kick an addiction to painkillers shortly before his death, according to a newspaper report published Wednesday.

Government Report: Crime Dropped Overall in Nation's Schools

CRIME | By Carole Feldman and Jennifer C. Kerr | May 4
The latest government snapshot of school crime paints a picture of safer schools with declines in violent crime, bullying and harassment because of sexual orientation.

Minnesota College System Bars Team Travel to North Carolina

A Minnesota state university system is prohibiting athletics teams from traveling to tournaments in North Carolina this spring after that state passed a law limiting LGBT protections.

Diamond the Size of a Tennis Ball Could Fetch $70 Million

It's a rock for the ages.

Georgia Governor Defies Party Politics With Pair of Vetoes

NATIONAL | By Ryan Phillips and Kathleen Foody | May 4
Georgia's Republican governor rejected the two top priorities of a legislature controlled by his own party this year, defying election year politics in a deep red state.

Virginia Supreme Court Recognizes gay couples in divorce law

The Supreme Court of Virginia has ruled that a person doesn't need to pay alimony to a former spouse if the payee is in a new relationship with a member of the same sex.

Obama to Name Stonewall 1st National Monument for Gay Rights

NATIONAL | By Josh Lederman | May 4
New York's iconic Stonewall Inn, where the modern gay rights movement took root, will become the first national monument honoring the history of gays and lesbians in the U.S. under a proposal President Barack Obama is preparing to approve.

Watch: Jehovah's Witnesses Push Gay Conversion Therapy In Kid's Animated Short

Remember when the worst thing Jehovah's Witnesses did was to interrupt your dinner while preaching door-to-door?

Watch: Transphobic Attack on NYC Subway Caught on Video

CRIME | May 4
A trans woman has taken to social media and uploaded a video apparently showing a physical and transphobic hate crime against her while she was on a New York City subway.

Sanders: Clinton Team Thinks Race 'Is Over. They're Wrong'

POLITICS | By Ken Thomas | May 3
Bernie Sanders said Tuesday that his primary bid against Hillary Clinton was far from over, pointing to his victory in Indiana and strength in upcoming races as a sign of his durability in the presidential campaign.

11 thru 20 of 31048 Stories