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After Surrogacy Agency Vanishes, Gay Dads Stranded in Mexico With Newborns

Mar 30
Two fathers from New Zealand are currently stuck in Mexico with their three newborn children after their surrogacy agency apparently disappeared.

Melissa Etheridge Considered Asking Brad Pitt to Be Sperm Donor

Mar 29
Before settling on David Crosby, Melissa Etheridge considered asking Brad Pitt to be her sperm donor, she revealed in an interview with Australia's Studio 10.

A Winning Pair: Julia Jones and Doreen Chila -- Maplewood Women Expand Family via Foster-to-Adopt Program

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 27
When actress Doreen Chila met stage manager Julia Jones nearly 20 years ago during a touring production of "Peter Pan" starring Cathy Rigby, they opened the book on a real-life fairy tale.

NHelp Says Court Should Uphold ACA Contraceptive Coverage

By EDGE | Mar 23
NHelp urges the Court to uphold the ACA's contraceptive coverage requirement in the face of challenges by non-profit employers who seek to deny their employees access to contraception.

Lesbian Kiss In Cereal Commercial Traumatized My Child, Says Aussie Mom

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 22
An Australian mom went Fruit Loops this week after the Advertising Standards Board Australia rejected claims that her seven-year-old son suffered permanent psychological damage after he watched a commercial that featured two ladies briefly kissing.

How Fighting With Your Teen Impacts Development

Mar 20
If you find yourself sparring with your teen, psychologist Lisa Damour says don't panic.

Mormon Teen Forced to Carry Rocks to 'Cure' Her Lesbianism

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 18
A new book from an ex-Mormon woman tells of months of abuse at the hands of her parents and church elders who beat her, humiliated her and made her carry heavy loads of rocks to 'cure' the gay out of her.

Celebrate Your Unforgettable Wedding Day at The Garrison

Mar 16
When you hold your wedding at The Garrison, you'll build a relationship with a dedicated Special Event Manager. Todd Smith and Annie Rozycki are the experts who work directly with bridal parties.

Family Says Bullying Caused Wy. Gay Man to Take Life

Mar 11
The family of a gay student from Wyoming says bullying led him to take his own life this week.

Cyndi Lauper Honored at Russell Simmon's Rush HeARTS Luncheon

By EDGE | Mar 10
Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation is proud to celebrate the 4th Annual Rush HeARTS Education Luncheon by honoring Cyndi Lauper, Co-founder of the True Colors Fund.

21 thru 30 of 782 Stories