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Let Them Eat Cake: Boy's Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume Goes Viral

Nov 2
Halloween 2016 has been an incredible "screw you" to gender norms.

Watch: Hallmark Debuts New Christmas Ad Featuring Gay Couple

Oct 27
The thought of a Christmas ad in October may upset you, but Hallmark's new holiday commercial will likely leave you smiling as it features a very adorable gay couple.

Tips for Going Natural & Healthy This Halloween, While Still Keeping It Fun

By EDGE | Oct 26
Armed with a bag full of candy, many parents worry about whether or not their child is getting a sugar overload as this yearly holiday makes its way through their home. The good news is that there are ways that people can help make Halloween healthier.

Report: Elderly Gay Widower May Lose NYC Home Because He Wasn't Legally Married

Oct 24
A new report from the New York Times finds that an elderly widower could lose his West Village home, where he's lived for 55 years, because he was not legally married to his partner.

GLAAD Leads Spirit Day, Supporting Gay Youth Against Bullying

By EDGE | Oct 19
On Thursday, October 20, 2016, millions of Americans and citizens throughout the world will wear purple on Spirit Day in a stand against bullying and in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth.

Do We Have Vaccination Amnesia?

Oct 18
Dr. Bill Miller shares his concerns on how the anti-vaccination effort may make us susceptible to dangerous infectious diseases.

Cheyenne Jackson & Husband Welcome Twins, Post Adorable Pics

Oct 12
Cheyenne Jackson and his husband, Broadway star Jason Landau, took to Instagram over the weekend to announce they've become fathers, welcoming a pair of twins.

PopUps: Adele Takes Adorable Selfie With Gay Dads & Son

Oct 6
Adele is the pop star of the people.

Court Says Unmarried Gay Woman Can Seek Full Parental Rights

By Denise Lavoie | Oct 4
The highest court in Massachusetts has ruled that an unmarried gay woman whose former girlfriend gave birth to two children through in vitro fertilization has the same parental rights as their biological mother.

Danger! Survey Shows Your Child's Lunchbox Could Be a Bacteria Breeding Ground

Oct 4
Millions of children could be marching off to school every day with their lunchboxes packed with fruit, sandwiches... and harmful bacteria, according to a shocking new study.

21 thru 30 of 875 Stories