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Illinois Agency Urges Foster Parents to Take LGBT Youth

Jul 10
Illinois' child welfare agency is urging more foster parents to take in homeless LGBT youth, describing the situation as a desperate one for thousands of young people.

Family Throws New Jersey Teen Rainbow-Themed Coming Out Bash

Jul 6
A New Jersey teen has gotten a surprising response after telling her parents she's gay: a rainbow-themed surprise coming out party.

Watch: In Emotional Hallmark Short, Son Comes Out to Dad on Prom Night

Jul 6
Hallmark Cards' streaming service Feeln recently released a new short film called "The Beginning," which features a young man who comes out as gay to his father on prom night.

Teen Comes Out On Disneyland Ride With Hilarious Pic, Twitter Reacts

Jul 6
A 16-year-old girl from Sacramento, Calif. came out as lesbian in one of the most unique ways -- and social media is exploding with joy.

Judge: Indiana Must List Both Moms for Children of Lesbians

By Ken Kusmer | Jul 1
Indiana must list both spouses in lesbian marriages as parents on their children's birth certificates, a federal judge ruled Thursday, saying the state must end what she called a "discriminatory" practice of listing only the birth mother.

Theater Shows R-Rated Comedy Trailer With 'Finding Dory'

Jun 30
The owner of a California movie theater is apologizing after a trailer for an R-rated upcoming Seth Rogen comedy was shown ahead of a screening of Disney's "Finding Dory."

Son Breaks Down at Mother's Funeral After Saving Him in Orlando

Jun 23
Brenda Lee Marquez-McCool was honored and remembered for being a hero at her funeral Monday. Her son broke down in tears recounting the moment of her death when she acted as a human shield to protect him during the Orlando shooting at the gay club Pulse.

Family's Excruciating Orlando Journey Ends in Forgiveness

By Jason Dearen | Jun 16
Andrea Drayton woke up Sunday to a mother's worst nightmare when her phone buzzed with a text message: Her daughter Deonka was at a club in Orlando, there was gunfire and Drayton needed to come to Florida fast.

Hetrick-Martin Convenes Summit on Mental Health Needs of LGBTQ Youth of Color

By EDGE | Jun 15
On Friday, June 17, Hetrick-Martin Institute presents "Creating a Community of Care: Fostering Emotional Wellness for LGBTQ Youth."

Jaime King Aims to Inspire With Gender-Bending Kids' Clothes

By Nicole Evatt | Jun 13
Jaime King launched a gender-neutral children's clothing line which she hopes will inspire acceptance and self-expression among kids and adults alike.

21 thru 30 of 821 Stories