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Top Advances in Women's Health

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 4
Here are some of the top health stories in women's lives in the last year. With any luck, 2016 will see progress in international health issues, especially those that go hand in hand with women's parity issues.

Tenn. County's Plan: Overturn, Outlaw Marriage Equality

By John Riley | Jan 2
Opponents of same-sex marriage hope to gain support from at least 38 of the 50 states to push for a constitutional convention to overturn the Supreme Court's ruling.

Lesbian Mother Gets Legal Support in Alabama Adoption Case

By John Riley | Jan 2
A lesbian mother from Alabama who had previously been denied visitation rights to see her three children despite having legally adopted them in Georgia is receiving support.

Kentucky governor Removes Clerks' Names from Marriage Licenses

By John Riley | Jan 1
In one of his first acts as governor, Kentucky's Matt Bevin (R) issued an executive order on Tuesday that removes the names of county clerks from being printed on marriage licenses.

Head of Ex-Gay Support Group Blames Holiday Family Fights on the Gays

Dec 30
With parents and friends like these, who needs enemies?

Chemicals in Foam Raise Concerns About Baby Car Seats

Dec 22
Limiting a child's exposure to toxic chemicals is a big issue for many parents, but finding eco-friendly products may cost big money.

Slovenians Vote on Whether to Uphold Same-Sex Marriage Law

By Ali Zerdin | Dec 20
Slovenians held a referendum Sunday on whether to allow same-sex marriage for the first time in any of the former communist nations of Central and Eastern Europe.

Donor Leaves $50,000 Check Under Baby Jesus Figure in Texas

Dec 19
A Texas group that helps children has received a surprise $50,000 donation left under a baby Jesus figure.

Lesbian Parents Sue N. Carolina to Update Birth Certificates

Dec 18
A same-sex couple is suing North Carolina to force officials to put both women's names on their children's birth certificates.

Surrogate Mom with Triplets Fights Biological Parents' Abortion Request

Dec 18
One of two embryos split, resulting in triplets.

21 thru 30 of 746 Stories