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11 thru 20 of 4848

On the Town :: Sisters & Celebrations

By Donna Sachet | Saturday Aug 12, 2017
If you remember and miss those leisurely nights and that scrumptious food at the legendary Leticias's, then come experience Leticia Luna's latest iteration called Calle 11.

On the Tab :: Aug. 10-17

Thursday Aug 10, 2017
Midsummer, late summer, super summer./Cool or dry, it's time to go out and kiss the sky./Outside Lands invades the park, while we the homos kiss in the dark.

Medical mystery & misdirection

By Richard Dodds | Thursday Aug 10, 2017
The doctor has bad news for Juliana Smithson.

Desert art convergence

By Roberto Friedman | Thursday Aug 10, 2017
For years our main experience with Burning Man was that then-B.A.R. art director Adrian Roberts took off from SF for the duration of the event, sometimes along with our whole production department.

August in the art galleries

By Sura Wood | Thursday Aug 10, 2017
So you're in town for August, beach vacations and overseas trips over and done, and you're casting about for enlightening ways to spend your time.

Queer comics shine

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Thursday Aug 10, 2017
Billed as the largest South Asian Comedy Fest in America, the latest edition of the 4th annual Desi Comedy Fest will begin on Aug. 10 at Cobb's Comedy Club.

Glamour meets treachery

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Thursday Aug 10, 2017
"D'Arcy is a prolific genius," proclaimed drag artist Matthew Martin as he prepared for his role in "Bitch Slap."

Sisters fight global homophobia

By Sari Staver | Sunday Aug 6, 2017
The national premiere of a documentary about San Francisco's Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence will be the highlight of a star-studded evening.

Data Shed Light on LGBT Retirees

By Matthew S. Bajko | Sunday Aug 6, 2017
Many people, no matter their sexual orientation, have tied their identity to their work life and can find adjusting to retirement a challenge. But LGBT retirees face particular challenges.

Castro Fair Footprint Shrinks

Sunday Aug 6, 2017
Organizers of the 44th annual Castro Street Fair have announced that Market Street will not be included in this year's festival footprint and instead will remain open to traffic.

11 thru 20 of 4848