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Hydra Effect - Opening Reception of the Summer 2017 Exhibition of the Boston LGBTQIA Artists Alliance

Thursday June 8 at 6:00PM

Midway Studios Gallery (15 Channel Center St, Boston, MA)

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The Boston LGBTQIA Artist Alliance's Summer 2017 Exhibition will be an exploration and celebration of the cultural value and significance of the arts in the current political climate, as well as the determination and resilience of LGBTQIA artists who have continued making work over the years despite hostile conditions. Harking back to the "NEA Four" and the conservative establishment's attack on arts funding in the 80s/90s, the imminent future promises to be a historical moment in which the arts are again directly challenged. History repeats itself. This exhibition serves as a platform for LGBTQIA artists to engage with this moment in their own unique and distinctive voices. Work can range from revolutionary to visionary, from angry to celebratory, from local to global. How do we make art when there are urgent political crises taking place around us? What makes art important and vital, to ourselves and to others? When our resources are cut off, how do we combine forces and propagate our ideas? How do we respond when threatened? Overall, the show will function as part of a larger collective conversation about the necessity of the arts in society. Work will be accepted in any medium, including performance.