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A Season of Miracles and Light

By Jacob Glass | Dec 24
The pendulum just keeps swinging-one day our team is "winning" so we feel happy-the next day our team is "losing" and we're devastated. This is the root cause of our suffering.

Gift Giving Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Present

Gift Giving Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Present

Dec 22
New York Times science columnist John Tierney joins CBSN to discuss the do's and dont's of gift shopping.

A Very Beary Balance This Christmas

By Jonathan Shuffield | Dec 18
With the BIG DAY (that's the way it is screamed in my head) just around the corner I feel the panic setting in. I admit to being a bit neurotic, as some have pointed out, but I have a commitment to balance this year.

Hope For The Holidays: 7 Simple Decorating Ideas

By Troy Maillis | Dec 18
If you lack the Martha Stewart gene, then these simple holiday decorating tips might entice you get into the festive mood.

Gift Cards: Great Idea! Avoiding Fraud: Better Idea!

Dec 3
Leave it to fraud thieves to find yet another way to scam you. Now these crooks are going after your gift card balance. One day you've got a substantial balance and the next time you go to use it, it's at a zero balance.

5 LGBT-Friendly Places to Shop This Holiday Season

By Brittany Ferrendi | Dec 3
With the holiday season coming up, it may just be the perfect opportunity to give back to companies spreading the love. Here are five go-to places to shop for the holidays.

Splurge or Save? Holiday Spending May Hinge on How You Voted

By Anne D'Innocenzio | Nov 26
A divisive election that left half the country deflated and the other half rejuvenated could reverberate through the holiday shopping season in the kind of gifts people are giving or how much they spend.

Target Plays Up Value for the Holiday Season

By Anne D'Innocenzio | Oct 26
From a Broadway-style marketing campaign to more exclusive toys, Target wants to lure shoppers during the final critical months of the year. More importantly, though, it needs to convince shoppers that it's the place for deals.

Three Ways to Avoid the Pitfalls of Holly De'Binge and A'Nita Resolution

By David Auten and John R. Schneider | Dec 26
As merry as the holiday season is, it can be cursed. The numbers on our scales increase and conversely, the numbers in our bank accounts decrease-a month filled with expiration dates for both diets and budgets.

Last Minute Holiday Shopper? There's an App for That

By Mae Anderson | Dec 24
Procrastinators, rejoice. This year there are more apps and services than ever before to help last-minute shoppers.

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