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Europe's Comet Probe Rosetta Ends 12-Year Mission with Crash

By Frank Jordans | Oct 1
After 12 years of hurtling through space in pursuit of a comet, the Rosetta probe ended its mission Friday with a slow-motion crash onto the icy surface of the alien world it was sent out to study.

Many Doctors Not Using Site for Keeping Painkillers in Check

By Julie Carr Smyth | Oct 1
Ohio doctors are supposed check patients' prescription histories against a state website before recommending prescription painkillers, but an audit has found that some 12,000 physicians appear to be violating the policy.

Birthright Israel: 'A Gift from 1 Generation to Another'

By Beth J. Harpaz | Oct 1
For some young Jews, it's almost become a rite of passage: taking a free trip through Birthright Israel.

Peggy Noonan: When Are We Going to Talk About the Real Issues?

Oct 1
After a week when chatter on the campaign trail focused on fat-shaming comments from 1996 and Clinton's recovery from pneumonia, CBS News contributor Peggy Noonan joins CBSN to discuss the state of the 2016 race.

4 New Sleeper TV Shows You Need to Watch

By Jason St. Amand | Oct 1
Here are four TV shows that may have slipped under your radar this fall season, but are certainly worth your time.

Clinton Campaigns with Early Voting Underway

Oct 1
With the election 39 days away, people in 11 early voting states are casting ballots.

'Wonder Woman' Comics Writer Reveals Character is Gay

Oct 1
The writer of the reborn "Wonder Woman" comics has revealed that the character is gay.

Out There :: The First Lady's First Lady

By Roberto Friedman | Oct 1
"Eleanor and Hick - The Love Affair That Shaped a First Lady" by Susan Quinn has just been published by Penguin Press.

Albee: An Appreciation

By Brian Bromberger | Oct 1
There is little doubt Albee permanently changed drama by inventing a new language, according to playwright Terence McNally, his partner in the 1960s.

Taxpayer Tab for Travel to Anti-Gay States? California, San Francisco Just Say No

By Matthew S. Bajko | Oct 1
The state of California and the city of San Francisco this week both banned taxpayer-funded travel to states with anti-LGBT laws.

6 thru 15 of 99460 Stories