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Retired Gay Porn Star Busted with Boyfriend for Possession of Child Porn

Monday May 15, 2017

Former porn star Blu Kennedy was arrested last week and charged with possession of hundreds of child pornographic photo and video files. SF Gate reports that he was busted with his boyfriend, Billy Lockhart, a 36-year-old UCSF psychiatrist.

The couple was arrested at their home on Buena Vista Terrace in San Francisco on Tuesday May 2. Police say they served a search warrant on the couple's home, where they found several of Lockhart's devices containing hundreds of videos and photos of child porn.

Police also found a heavy cache of child porn on electronic devices belonging to Kennedy (whose real name is Benjamin Martin), 33.

The couple was arrested and charged with possession of more than 600 files. Lockhart was also charged with distribution of child porn.

Police were tipped off after investigators found out that Lockhart was uploading and trading child porn using Wi-Fi from his position as a resident at UCSF's Department of Psychology.

According to Str8UpGayPorn (Warning, extremely NSFW), Kennedy likely posted bail, which was set at $115K. He is no longer listed as an inmate in the city or county of San Francisco.

According to Data Lounge, in 2011, after filming more than 80 scenes, Blu Kennedy announced his retirement from gay porn at the age of 27.

"I've taken breaks before, but I've never had the resolve to stop for good until now," Kennedy said of his retirement to adult website Frontiers4Men. "I've been doing this for eight years, and I think it's just time to move on and focus on other things. Believe it or not, employers don't take me seriously after they find out that I've done porn. And porn is not and never was a 'career'; it was just something I did for fun."

"It also has been an issue with almost every boyfriend," he said. "Over time, they begin to see how people interact with me and treat me, and that I'm constantly getting attention, and eventually they have disdain for anything to do with that part of my life."


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