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LGBTs Swarm Cape Town for Rest and Relaxation

Friday Sep 14, 2012

In a world where women are choosing to spend more time with their GBFF, finding locations where both you and your gay best friend will be free from the usual hassles and harassment from straight men is rather difficult.

However, Cape Town is fast becoming one of the premier destinations in the world for LGBT travellers looking for a stunning location to unwind and enjoy life, often accompanied by their straight female best friends.

"Cape Town has become the Gay capital of South Africa and offers some of the best establishments and views the world has to offer. It also offers a host of gay friendly accommodation spots, restaurants and shopping venues," says Izak Calitz of The Glen Hotel, a gay friendly boutique hotel that caters to the LBGT crowd in Sea Point, Cape Town.

If your looking for a place to take your gay best friend to, to unwind and just chill without the usual worries and fuss, then finding a gay friendly establishment in Cape Town won't pose a problem.

In addition these usually come with additional perks for the female travel companion in that many gay friendly establishments know exactly what their clientele are after - complete luxury baby!

"Cape Town has become the Gay capital of South Africa and offers some of the best establishments and views the world has to offer."

South Africa's status as the only African country with protection entrenched in the constitution for gay and lesbian rights is making it the African LGBT place to be to enjoy the cultural and natural wonders of the continent.

"The stress that marginalised groups feel in situations that most other people find relaxing can often severely detract from their overall experience, and this is one of the prime reasons why finding the right accommodation is so important to individuals who form part of a minority group," explains Dr Giada Del Fabbro, clinical psychologist.

"What we wanted to create at The Glen was an atmosphere where everyone felt welcome, where gay travellers as well as straight could enjoy themselves while here as well as enjoy the beauty that is Cape Town," says Calitz.

"Further, we perfectly understand that gay men and straight women often get along incredibly well, and accommodation that specifically caters for this relation will most certainly be well received. For instance, both gay men and straight women want to be pampered, they want to be able to relax and enjoy a good meal and cocktails within a beautiful setting, and they want such facilities as a spa treatment centre nearby to complete the pampering experience."

"Cape Town is most definitely becoming the place to be for travellers from all over the globe, as well as local travellers, and is a melting pot of cultures, architecture and natural splendour, offering an abundance of interesting sights, tastes, nightlife and experiences. The city of Cape Town is close-knit, with everything in close proximity, so it's easy to safely move around between the various places of interest. The fact that South Africa is so progressive as far as protecting the rights of all in its society, makes it a superb choice for the gay traveller wanting to spend some quality time with his best girl friend," concludes Calitz.


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