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Report: Poppers Now Popular on the Straight Party Scene

Report: Poppers Now Popular on the Straight Party Scene

May 28, 2022

According to The New York Times, poppers — long used by gay men — are growing increasingly popular in the straight party scene.

The Comeback and Dangers of the Drug GHB

The Comeback and Dangers of the Drug GHB

Apr 18, 2022

A highly potent drug called GHB is making a comeback in nightlife scenes, along with overdoses and even death — especially in the gay party scene.

7 Cannabis Considerations for a Growing Industry: What You Need to Know

7 Cannabis Considerations for a Growing Industry: What You Need to Know


Most states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and 18 more recreationally. Dynamic industry growth means consumers should be well informed about its use and effects.

Another Danger to Illicit Drug Users: Animal Tranquilizers

By Lisa rathke | Dec 24, 2021

The animal sedative Xylazine is making its way into the illicit drug supply, particularly in the Northeast.

Illegal Pot Edibles Sold in California as Popular Snacks

Oct 30, 2021

California Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a consumer alert Thursday about illegal, potent cannabis edibles for sale that are being packaged to look like snack and candy brands.

Some CBD Vapes Contain Street Drug Instead of the Real Thing

By Holbrook Mohr | Sep 17, 2019

Some operators are cashing in on the CBD craze by substituting cheap and illegal synthetic marijuana for natural CBD in vapes and edibles such as gummy bears, an Associated Press investigation has found.

Addiction Times Two: How Recovery Unplugged Heals Polysubstance Dependence

By Jill Gleeson | Aug 21, 2019

Party drugs like crystal meth, Special K, GHB and ecstasy are frequently combined for more intense or longer-lasting highs. Whether they're consumed together by design or accidentally, the results can be deadly.

Recovery Unplugged's Richie Supa on the 60s, Drug Culture, and Getting Clean

By Jill Gleeson | Jun 17, 2019

Music legend Richie Supa speaks candidly of the 60s and the era following the Stonewall Uprising where counterculture often led to addiction.

GMHC Expresses Concern About Opioid Crisis Public Health Emergency Declaration

Oct 30, 2017

GMHC remains highly concerned that not enough is being done to address the growing opioid epidemic, which in 2016 claimed the lives of more than 60,000 Americans.

On International Overdose Day, Help Those Suffering From Addiction

Aug 31, 2017

On August 31, GMHC) joins people around the world to commemorate International Overdose Awareness Day, and help people suffering from addiction.

Drug Smuggling Party Pigeon Busted in Kuwait

May 26, 2017

Step aside drug mule, there's a new contraband smuggling animal in the zoo. Introducing, the "party pigeon."

State Lawmakers Channel Grief Into Fight Against Opiods

By Kyle Potter | Feb 24, 2017

In statehouses across the country, lawmakers with loved ones who fell victim to drugs are leading the fight against the nation's deadly opioid-abuse crisis, drawing on tragic personal experience to attack the problem.

'Party Monster' Michael Alig Booked on Drug Charge, Trespassing

Feb 8, 2017

At least he didn't kill anyone this time.

Denver Campaign Would Allow Marijuana Use in Bars

By Kristen Wyatt | Jul 4, 2015

Beer? Wine? Or weed?

Doctors: Sniff Poppers And You Could Go Blind

By Winnie McCroy | Jul 9, 2014

Researchers in the United Kingdom say inhaling the 70s club drug "poppers," or isopropyl nitrate, can seriously damage your eyes, thanks to its new formula.

British Teen on Meow Stabs Mom, Slices Off Own Penis

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 11, 2014

A teenager on Christmas break in the UK reportedly stabbed his mother, then cut off his penis while allegedly high on the party drug meow meow, otherwise known as mephedrone, a synthetic, amphetamine-like stimulant.

Interest Grows in New Zealand’s Designer Drug Law

By Nick Perry | Aug 2, 2013

A novel New Zealand law that could legalize some designer drugs is being scrutinized with interest by other countries struggling to keep up with the proliferation of "party pills" and similar products.

U.S. Sounds Alarm on Designer Drug Use

By George Jahn | Jun 27, 2013

The U.N. drug control agency on Wednesday sounded the alarm on the spread of designer drugs, which are sold openly and produce legal but sometimes deadly highs.

Pushing the Envelope :: Meth in Gay Porn

By Ryan Dixon | Sep 10, 2012

The question that arises from this film is: is it socially or morally wrong for TIM and director Liam Cole to depict real people actually using crystal meth while having unprotected sex?

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