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Alice, Sweet Alice

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Aug 13, 2019
Alice, Sweet Alice

A young Brooke Shields became the major marketing focus in order to promote her first film appearance, years after she became famous for "Pretty Baby" and "The Blue Lagoon." But she's hardly in the 1976 shocker "Alice, Sweet Alice," a slasher film that was years ahead of its time.

A masked killer, an array of victims, and lots of bloodshed are what make up the typical slasher film. But those films didn't become popular until after "Halloween" scared the pants off of viewers in 1978. What makes "Alice, Sweet Alice" so unique is its approach to religion and family values, mixed with a hyper-reality and numerous homages to Alfred Hitchcock films. In fact, a poster for "Psycho" can be seen in the background in one of the iconic scenes in "Alice, Sweet Alice."

Arrow Video does a tremendous job of restoring this film in a new 2K version. The influences from the early '70s thriller "Don't Stop Now" are even more apparent in the Blu-ray, a tribute to a film that uses a yellow rain jacket as one of its main symbols. Brooke Shields plays Karen, the younger sister to Alice (Paula Sheppard), and the favored daughter to their mother. After Karen gets brutally killed in a church (in one the movie's many gruesome scenes), all fingers point to the strange and aloof Alice.

But after other bodies start piling up, the killer's identity becomes revealed with 30 minutes more of screen time. And this is where "Alice, Sweet Alice" loses steam and becomes a horror film with too much exposition.

On this Special Edition Blu-ray, you'll find many extras to view. Director Alfred Sole recalls his time spent filming the movie in "First Communion," a nod to the film's original title, "Communion." There's also a version of "Alice, Sweet Alice" called "Holy Terror," where the film got re-released in 1981 on television and the marketing campaign touted Brooke Shields as the lead actress.

But sorely missing in the special features is Shields herself, seen only in the film's original trailers on the Blu-ray.

"Alice, Sweet Alice"

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