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Guest Opinion: Plaza architect weighs in on update

By Howard Grant | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
I am the retired architect and designer of the Castro Street Muni Metro station and Harvey Milk Plaza.

Riot act

By David Lamble | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
The riveting new documentary "LA 92" arrives Friday in Bay Area theaters.

See-through 'Lulu'

By Tim Pfaff | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
It often has been said that Berg's Lulu was asking for it.

Dahmer Dearest

By Erin Blackwell | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
An intimate look at one of our greatest gay predators, "My Friend Dahmer" opens Friday at the Roxie Theater.

H. Joseph "Joe" Perry Jr.

By BAR staff | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
Former San Francisco resident H. Joseph "Joe" Perry Jr. has died.

Artistically engaged: a datebook

By Roberto Friedman | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
It's not unusual for Out There to spend five nights out of seven attending cultural events, as we did last week.

Bedeviled bargaining

By Richard Dodds | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
"Deal with the Dragon" at first seems a variation on Faustian bargains.

Jock Talk: Time for USOC to step up

By Roger Brigham | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
So, you've spent the past few days reeling from one revelation and allegation after another about individuals in power wreaking havoc on young lives in their grasp with abuse.

What a difference a year makes

By BAR Editorial Board | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
A year after Donald Trump shocked the world by winning the presidency, voters in local and state elections across the country sent a message: now is the time for the next generation of leaders.

Fighting ignorance with science

By David Lamble | Wednesday Nov 15, 2017
The witty bio-doc "Bill Nye: The Science Guy" is a fast-paced dose of arguments aimed at climate-change deniers.

11 thru 20 of 30959