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Traversing LGBTQ Divorce in A New Era

By Amanda Brisson Cannovo, Guest Contributor | Saturday Jun 24, 2017
The increased rate of divorce amongst Baby Boomers has even been given a trendy name: "Gray divorce." But surprise! The divorce rate of same-sex couples is statistically lower than opposite-sex couples. What does this mean for "gay and gray divorce?"

Update: LGBTQ Seniors and Federal Surveys

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Jun 18, 2017
Two HHS nationwide surveys have removed questions identifying respondents' sexual orientation and gender identity. Both surveys are vital for the senior community.

Love and Healing: Cyteria Knight Recovers from Stroke

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Jun 17, 2017
Together for 35 years, truly through sickness and in health, Cyteria Knight, 60, and Susan Miller, 58, have seen more than their share of challenges. Knight's stroke early this year initiated a long journey toward recovery.

Charlotte Pride by the Numbers

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Jun 17, 2017
Charlotte Pride 2016 saw record-breaking attendance, with the organization estimating 130,000 visitors over the course of the weekend. Not only did the celebration grow, but financial support for the organization and its projects has as well.

Adopt, Don't Shop! Saving the Lives of Shelter Pets

By Maria Dominguez | Sunday Jun 11, 2017
True, not all breeders are evil or inhumane. Yet, choosing to buy a pet has a cost, both financially and morally.

LGBTQ Disability and Support Animals

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Jun 10, 2017
In the LGBTQ community, mental illness and psychiatric disability are common due to the pressures of stigma, discrimination and outright violence. Service animals can help.

Looking for Thrills... Dating Danger?

By Topher Loren | Sunday Jun 4, 2017
As many men are now doing in our community, I turned to the online cruise bar known as Grindr. Being partnered, I had to be careful and, for some odd reason, thought that Grindr was the perfect solution; it turn out to be gateway into Hell.

N.C.'s First Transgender Candidate Runs for U.S. Congress

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday Jun 3, 2017
A North Carolina transgender woman and disabled veteran has announced her candidacy for the District 2 congressional election against incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. George Holding.

Summer Fashion: Focus on Fashionistas

By Torie Dominguez | Sunday May 28, 2017
The cartoonish gay man playing dress-up with straight women has become the fashion world's most wearisome cliché. Now qnotes' summer style issue introduces some of the real-life figures breaking ground in a rapidly diversifying industry.

Local Leather Fashion Retailers 'Delight'

By Maria Dominguez | Saturday May 27, 2017
We've all seen "leathermen" at Pride events. They boldly display their sexuality through provocative outfits that reveal just enough to tantalize the mind. It isn't just men - women in leather are positively mouth-watering.

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