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Catholic School Lets Transgender Students Choose Their Uniforms

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sunday Sep 3, 2017
An Australian Catholic school allowed two transgender students to choose their own school uniforms to match their gender identity.

New Spyware Promises to Help Parents Determine if Their Son is Gay

By Colton Wooten | Sunday Sep 3, 2017
French software company Fireworld has unfurled spyware which allegedly may help parents discover whether their son is gay.

Sec. Mattis Did Not Defy Trump or Overturn His Trans Military Ban

By Jason Parsley | Saturday Sep 2, 2017
Several media outlets reported Tuesday that Secretary of Defense James Mattis halted the ban on transgender people serving in the military. But is that fake news?

Alabama Parents Demand Removal of Pride Flag, Students Clap Back

By Brittany Ferrendi | Saturday Sep 2, 2017
Last week, an Auburn High School classroom in Alabama put an LGBT pride flag on display made by members of a school club. Now, hundreds of people have signed a petition to have it torn down.

Sexy Short Plays Focus on Online Hook Ups and Search for Love

By JW Arnold | Friday Sep 1, 2017
"Hook Ups Vol. 1," a collection of short, two-man plays opening this weekend at Andrews Living Arts in Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village, explores the primal search for love and connection through modern technology.

Florida Gay GOPers Criticize Trump

By Michael d'Oliveira | Sunday Aug 27, 2017
As national Republicans speak out on President Donald Trump's statements about the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, which occurred the weekend of Aug. 12, local Republicans are also weighing in.

Florida Group's First LGBT Transinclusive Prom: 'One Night Only'

By Deon C. Jefferson | Sunday Aug 27, 2017
The first ever LGBT TransInclusive Prom will take place on August 26, at the Roadway Inn located in Fort Lauderdale.

There's a New Dating App for Gay Men of Color and 'Lovers of Diversity'

By Colton Wooten | Sunday Aug 27, 2017
Race preference in the gay community always carried problematic implications. A new gay dating app plans to start fresh.

Romanian Bishop Embroiled in Gay Sex Tape Scandal with Student

By Colton Wooten | Saturday Aug 26, 2017
Former Romanian Orthodox Church Bishop Corneliu Barladeanu, 51, got caught with his pants down on tape after a tape was released showing him erotically involved with a male student.

LGBT Homeless Teens Fight for Survival

By Deon C. Jefferson | Sunday Aug 20, 2017
The folks at A Way Home America, Rapid Results Institute, and HomeBase have come up with a solution to end teen homelessness, dubbed the 100 Day Challenge.

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