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Florida Legislature Passes Pulse Remembrance Day Resolution

By Michael d'Oliveira | Monday Jun 12, 2017
The passage of the Pulse Remembrance Day resolution in the Florida legislature is mostly a symbolic victory. But the author of the resolution, HR 8077, Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, considers it a victory nonetheless.

West Palm Beach Equality March Rallies to Vote and Represent

By Chris Persaud | Monday Jun 12, 2017
Mourn the Pulse shooting victims. Volunteer with LGBT groups. Vote. Go to city meetings. Run for office. Those were some of the messages in West Palm Beach on Sunday.

State Department, Navy Recognize LGBT Pride Month

By John McDonald | Monday Jun 12, 2017
While the White House remains silent, other federal agencies are recognizing June as LGBT Pride month.

More Than $30 Million Raised After Pulse

By Jason Parsley | Monday Jun 12, 2017
Almost $2 million was raised in one day after the Pulse shooting from a GoFundMe page, becoming the site's fastest growing campaign in its history.

Deondre Moore Tells His Story as a Greater than AIDS Ambassador

By Jillian Melero | Thursday Jun 8, 2017
When, at 19 years old, Deondre Moore told his mother he was HIV-positive, she begged him not to tell his story. But Moore told it anyway, and became an official Greater Than AIDS ambassador

Something New: How Same-Sex Couples Are Rewriting the Script on Marriage

By Rick Karlin | Wednesday Jun 7, 2017
In the short time since same-sex marriage became legal throughout the U.S., wedding trends among LGBT couples have changed dramatically.

Nadine Smith on Activism and Unlearning

By Jillian Melero | Wednesday Jun 7, 2017
Nadine was one of four national co-chairs of the 1993 March on Washington. She met with then President Bill Clinton in the first meeting of its kind between a sitting president and gay community leaders.

Rights or Religion: LGBT Rights in Catholic Ireland

By Tucker Berardi | Tuesday Jun 6, 2017
In Ireland, the majority of schools and hospitals used to be funded by the Catholic Church, a reality that leaves a legacy that must now be dealt with.

A Red Flag from 2015 Foreshadows OutGames Collapse

By Jason Parsley | Tuesday Jun 6, 2017
In 2014 the World OutGames secured a $200,000 grant from the Florida Sports Foundation. But a year later the FSF board grew concerned OutGames was not meeting fundamental benchmarks.

Rest Stops For Cruising: 'The Homosexual Capital of Palm Beach and Broward Counties'

By Graham Brunk | Tuesday Jun 6, 2017
It was in the film "There's Something About Mary," but was this really a thing?

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