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Creep of the Week :: Jeff Mateer Calls Homosexuality 'Elephant in the Room'

By D'Anne Witkowski | Oct 14
Clogging our courts up with garbage is just what Donald Trump is doing. He's outsourced the judge-picking to far right groups who have been giving him names of extremists that he is dutifully nominating. Meet one such pick - this time's Creep of the Week.

Creep of the Week: John K. Bush - The Donald Trump of Judges

By D'Anne Witkowski | Aug 12
It's no surprise that Trump, unqualified and incompetent, would appoint judges who are completely unfit for the bench. Which makes the appointment of Josh Bush understandable, but no less inexcusable.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore Appeals His Suspension from the Bench

By John Riley | Dec 18
The controversial justice is appealing his suspension from office to a special panel of seven retired judges who will decide whether to uphold the suspension or reinstate Moore, reports The Birmingham News.

Alabama Justice Roy Moore Defends Himself Against Same-Sex Marriage Ethics Violation Charges

By John Riley | Sep 29
Alabama Chief Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore has denied that he encouraged probate judges to defy the U.S. Supreme Court's decision that legalized marriage equality nationwide.

Anti-Gay Judge Ascends to Arkansas State Supreme Court Thanks to Outside Spending

By Andrew DeMillo | Mar 2
Conservative groups shattered Arkansas spending records to defeat a leading - and conservative - judge as part of a bid to reshape the nation's state courts.

Zimbabwe Man Scot-Free After Stabbing Alleged Gay Man

By Winnie McCroy | Mar 27
22-year-old Bongani Phiri was acquitted by a Bulawayo court this week over the stabbing of his acquaintance on Oct. 26, 2013, by claiming that the man was "behaving like a gay."

Arkansas Judge Apologizes for Racist, Homophobic Posts

By Jill Bleed | Mar 8
Responding to a story about a woman who was arrested for allegedly having sex with a dog, "geauxjudge" wrote that it was "just a small step" from having "TGGLBS" sex, an apparent reference to transgender, gay, lesbian or bisexual sex.

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