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Q-Music: LGBTQ tunes for Pride 2021

By Gregg Shapiro | Saturday Jun 12, 2021
For alternative Pride sounds, classic albums re-issued (Frankie Goes to Hollywood) tribute albums (Marc Bolan & T Rex), longtime favorites return (Ani DiFranco), and a late musician gets a posthumous pair of tribute albums (Judee Sill).

Homing's In, Going Out June 11-17, 2021

Thursday Jun 10, 2021
As LGBT arts, nightlife and community events multiply like bunnies during Pride month, let's get hopping, indoors and out.

Pride 2021 nonfiction reading list

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday Jun 8, 2021
Pride festivities for 2021 still seem to be up in the air or not taking place. Nevertheless, there are other ways of displaying your pride in being a member of the LGBTQ+ community, including reading a book by a queer writer or ally.

Queer Country crooners concert

By Jim Provenzano | Tuesday Jun 8, 2021
Don your cowboy hat and get ready for some at-home toe-tapping tunes when five Country bands perform as part of the National Queer Arts Festival.

SF DocFest's LGBTQ focus

By Brian Bromberger | Tuesday Jun 8, 2021
The 29th Annual San Francisco Documentary Film Festival (through June 17) includes some LGBT-themed films. The star of this lot is "Surviving the Silence," already a candidate for one of the best queer documentaries of the year.

Comic Pride: Marga Gomez hosts Who's Your Mami

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Tuesday Jun 8, 2021
On June 17 lesbian comedy legend and host Marga Gomez will offer "Who's Your Mami Comedy: Pride Edition" with Sampson McCormick, Sandra Valls, Karen Ripley, and Jesus U. BettaWork.

'Women: From Her to Here' at Chinese Culture Center

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Monday Jun 7, 2021
Now on display at the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco (750 Kearny, inside the Hilton Hotel) is "Women: From Her to Here," an exhibition of works by women from the Asian diaspora, many of them queer-identified.

50 Years in 50 Weeks: 1979, Divinely Granted

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday Jun 3, 2021
While News stories covered the May 21 White Night Riots, in lighter fare, drag theatre in 1979's Arts section included an interview, ads and a review of Divine's show, 'The Neon Woman,' while porn stars served as a lure to a members-only health club.

'Proust, le Concert Retrouve' recreates author's music salons

By Tim Pfaff | Wednesday Jun 2, 2021
In "Proust, le Concert Retrouve," pianist Tanguy de Williencourt and violinist Theotime Langlois de Swarte usher us directly into the music salons hosted by French author Marcel Proust.

Bursting with Pride: Q-Music's 2021 playlist

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday Jun 2, 2021
LGBTQ+ musicians and allies make our first June list, including diverse sounds from Xiu Xiu, Prism Bitch, The Go-Go's, Grace Pettis, Carrie Ferguson and Bay Area singer Andrew Bundy.

Eyes on the Prides: The Lavender Tube on Pride Month shows

By Victoria A. Brownworth | Wednesday Jun 2, 2021
LGBTQ-themed programming hits the airwaves in abundance as FX/Hulu, Lifetime, Revry, and PBS share new and classic films, documentaries, concerts, and even a virtual reality nightclub party.

Justin Vivian Bond: celebrated chanteuse returns to Feinstein's at the Nikko

By Jim Gladstone | Wednesday Jun 2, 2021
Creatively, I've been very satisfied during the pandemic," says Justin Vivian Bond, who performed mini-concerts at home in upstate New York. Bond returns in-person to Feinstein's at the Nikko June 16-19.

Creepy queers: 'Unburied: A Collection of Queer Dark Fiction'

By Jim Provenzano | Sunday May 30, 2021
In 'Unburied: A Collection of Queer Dark Fiction,' Editor Rebecca Rowland has selected a diverse array of spooky stories, from the short and sweet to longer ruminative tales by some accomplished authors.

Homing's In, Going Out May 28-June 6, 2021

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday May 27, 2021
The rainbow avalanche is upon us as Pride events in multiple media rev up online and in person. Dust off your glittery gear. It's our month.

50 Years in 50 Weeks: 1978, Glad to be Gay

By Jim Provenzano | Thursday May 27, 2021
While the Tom Robinson Band, then known for the inspiring folk-derived anthem, "Glad to be Gay," had a performance at the Old Waldorf (444 Battery St.), the venue's promoters used the ad to politicize their pro-gay presence.

Kristian Hoffman's loud and queer as Mumps music's re-released

By Gregg Shapiro | Wednesday May 26, 2021
In addition to his own music, Kristian Hoffman, a co-founding member of Mumps with Lance Loud, discusses the release of 'Rock & Roll This, Rock & Roll That: Best Case Scenario, You've Got Mumps,' a collection of 23 songs.

Frameline45 announces festival programs

By Brian Bromberger | Tuesday May 25, 2021
Frameline45, which just announced its full program, has already made history: The Castro Theatre and other venues will finally reopen for in-person screenings, with plenty of online viewing as well.

Asian elders' romance in Ray Yeung's 'Twilight's Kiss'

By Gregg Shapiro | Tuesday May 25, 2021
While his previous two full-length feature films dealt with a younger age demographic, director Ray Yeung's "Twilight's Kiss" introduces us to men in the twilight of their gay years.

Return Engagements: Katya Smirnoff-Skyy, Tina D'Elia bring back live cabaret, a solo show & a Haight history tour

By Jim Gladstone | Tuesday May 25, 2021
Drag chanteuse Katya Smirnoff-Skyy, who will open a four-night engagement at Feinstein's at the Nikko, and Tina D'Elia performs her new solo and hosts the new Out of Site Haight walking tour, each in new "sort of" post-pandemic performances.

Vocal Varieties: LGBTetc musicians share special songs

By Jim Provenzano | Friday May 21, 2021
It's not yet June, but multiple musicians have shared new songs with an audible rainbow of sounds and styles to add to your late spring pre-Pride month playlist. So get gaily groovin'.

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