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Mysterious Pooper Stalks 'Magic Mike' Callbacks

Monday Mar 18, 2019

Who's pooping on Broadway?

No, not figuratively, as in such famous flops as "Carrie" and "Dance of the Vampires," but literally, as in someone is purposively leaving dumps in the halls of rehearsal spaces.

In a story that broke on the New York Post on Saturday, someone has deposited piles of feces at two audition spaces over the past two weeks.

"The stealthy stink bomber struck during tryouts for the 'Magic Mike' musical at Pearl Studios at 500 Eighth Ave. on Feb. 26, and again on March 6 at the Ripley-Grier space down the block," the Post reports.

Actress Eunice Bae told the newspaper that she saw a rep from the show slip on the stuff on the floor.

"'She stopped and said, 'Oh, I just stepped in s—t.' We all laughed thinking she was using the slang version of s—t to mean general mess, but then we all began to smell it.'

"Fellow auditioner Alle-Faye Monka said, 'The first theory was that someone carried it off the street on their shoes. But there is no way that was plausible given that it looked like, well, a fresh pile.'"

"Another pile of feces was left on the floor of an audition room at the Ripley-Grier studio, which is just down the block from Pearl Studios on Eighth Avenue, on March 6," reports the Daily Mall.

What's prompting these poop attacks may be the ongoing dispute between union and non-union actors.

"The Actors' Equity Association has been urging Broadway theatergoers to buy tickets to shows that are strictly union productions," writes the Daily Mall.

"hashtag #askifitsequity has been shared on social media in the hope that union-only plays would be preferred.

"But 'Magic Mike's' auditions are an open call, meaning that it is also open to non-union actors."

The Broadway community took the attacks with any number of snarky responses on social media. One features the cast of the current musical "The Prom" to the tune of a number of Sondheim songs.

Another features a parody of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" as "Law and Order: 'SPU' (Special Pooping Unit)."

Watch the video from the cast of "The Prom" below:


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