Watch: Betsy DeVos' Nephew Goes Viral for Wearing Tight Pants on 'Family Feud'

Monday September 28, 2020

Ben Wierda on "Family Feud."
Ben Wierda on "Family Feud."  (Source:Screenshot via Twitter /@davenewworld_2)

Kathie Lee Gifford and her family competed on "Celebrity Family Feud" on Thursday but its her son-in-law, who happens to be the nephew of the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who is stealing the show — on Twitter, at least.

Earlier this year, Us Weekly reported that Gifford's daughter Cassidy tied the knot to Ben Wierda and the website Distractify notes that Wierda is DeVos's nephew; his mother is her sister.

But what got the Internet's attention is a video clip from this week's "Family Feud" episode, which retired basketball player turned social media influencer Rex Chapman tweeted to his nearly 970,000 followers.

"Here is Betsy Devos' nephew, Ben Wierda on "Family Feud" the very moment he realizes how tight his pants are...," he tweeted along with the video, which has earned nearly 30,000 likes and 2.8 million views.

The clip shows the ending of "Family Feud" with Gifford and her family clapping as host Steve Harvey signs off. In the background, Wierda is seen smiling and clapping until he notices the massive bulge in his pants.

Watch the clip below.

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