Watch: Santa Is Gay and Crushing in Viral Norwegian Christmas Ad

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday November 23, 2021

The Norwegian Postal Service (Posten) has been known to subvert the classic Christmas tale in its seasonal advertising to make a bold statement that is relevant to the current times.

In 2019, Posten retooled the baby Jesus' Christmas origin story to imply that his father was a traveling mailman. See the video below.

In 2020, Posten reimagined Santa with a striking resemblance to former President Donald Trump, including references to "fake news."

This year, as reported by Ad Week, Posten gives Santa a gay backstory titled, "When Harry Met Santa."

Created by the Norwegian agency POL, the story centers on Harry waking up to find Santa in his home on Christmas Eve. They both sense an instant romantic connection, but Santa disappears before any words can be exchanged.

Now Christmas becomes about Harry anticipating Santa's return. Eventually, they grow closer over the years, and Santa promises, "I'll be back next year."

Tired of the long distance, Harry writes Santa a letter professing, "All I want for Christmas is you." So, to give Harry the ultimate gift, Santa arranges the elves to deliver gifts so he can have the night off. .

The love story is meant to celebrate 50 years since Norway abolished a law that prohibited same-sex relations.

Watch the story below and grab your tissues.