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After 2 Beatings, Dublin City Center Ruled 'Dangerous' Late at Night

Monday April 18, 2022

Irish rugby player Evan Somers, who was beat in a Dublin street on August 10, 2022
Irish rugby player Evan Somers, who was beat in a Dublin street on August 10, 2022  

Two men were brutally beaten and needed to be hospitalized after both were victims of anti-LGBTQ violence in Dublin's city center in the early morning hours on Sunday, April 10.

This has led one officer with Garda (the Irish police force) to tell Dublin news outlet that the city center is "dangerous" in the off-hours, especially on weekends.

"Now that lockdown is over, we are seeing a lot of people back out," said one officer. "Unfortunately a lot of people are just looking for fights; there is alcohol and cocaine involved oftentimes."

He continued: "Dublin city centre can be a dangerous place to be at the moment. More resources for public order units are needed. We cannot have gangs committing this sort of attack thinking they can do so with impunity."

Evan Somers from his hospital bed.
Evan Somers from his hospital bed.  

On April 11, Evan Somers, one of the victims, "who is openly gay, went public with his ordeal from his hospital bed on Monday. He was badly beaten on Dame Street in the early hours of Sunday morning. He was initially attacked by a lone man he encountered who began hurling homophobic abuse."

The attacker was joined by a group of other men who had, just a few minutes before, had beaten another man, an unnamed Italian, who also had be hospitalized.

There is said to be no personal links between the gang and Mr. Somers. "They simply were still around town, looking for more trouble. They saw Mr Somers being badly beaten and simply ran over and joined in this horrific assault," said a well-placed source.

"They undoubtedly added to his injuries. They then fled the scene again." adds: "No arrests have yet been made in either case. However, it is understood that Gardaí at Pearse Street have secured high-quality CCTV of both incidents and are hopeful of swift progress in both investigations.
It is suspected the gang consists of young men, possibly from the city centre.