UK Gay Couple Allegedly Attacked By Teens

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday May 20, 2022

Greg Miedzwiecki, 30, and his partner, Lee Trussler, 28
Greg Miedzwiecki, 30, and his partner, Lee Trussler, 28  (Source:Daily Echo)

A UK gay couple is afraid to leave their home after they were allegedly attacked after a night out a local club in Southhampton on May 1.

As reported by DailyEcho, Greg Miedzwiecki, 30, and his partner, Lee Trussler, 28, were reportedly holding hands while waiting for a taxi when they were approached by three men who began shouting homophobic slurs. Miedzwiecki said he was then punched in the face.

"Three guys crossed the road, saw us cuddling because it was cold and they went in on us," recounted Miedzwiecki. "They started calling us queers, and all that stuff."

He continued, "I started recording them, shouting at them 'how dare you.' Then it all kicked off, one guy punched me in the face. My partner tried to defend me but the other two guys attacked him. It was a horrible experience."

"They were chasing me and I called the police. My partner was on the floor while they beat him, I could see it all happening.

"They ran away when I called the police.

"Police came and took us to hospital, he had loads of bruises, and a massive cut on his tongue."

Greg said the pair "feel very uncomfortable" and are "scared to leave our home".

He added: "Last year we had some incidents, people calling us names on the streets, but this time it was physical abuse."

To add insult to injury, Miedzwiecki said he has been "disappointed" in the police investigation into the incident. So much so that he and Trussler are housebound.

"We haven't left the house much since the incident," Miedzwiecki said. "We found out one of the [attackers] actually lives near us."