Watch: Adult Star Matthew Camp Unpacks His Life-Size, Silicone Self

Sunday December 5, 2021
Originally published on November 16, 2021

Matthew Camp and his silicone alter-ego
Matthew Camp and his silicone alter-ego  (Source:Vimeo)

Want a whole lot of Matthew Camp? If you've got $4,000 and are happy with a latex fascimile-sort-of, then check out his full-size, silicone doll that an adult doll manufacturer is offering.

OnlyDolls, the adult toy company, is offering a realistic sex doll that is apparently an "exact 3d scan replica" of the popular performer, reports The Sword.

"The doll features a detailed silicone head, real hair, and replicas of Matthew's dick, hole, and tattoos. This "luxury" item can currently be purchased from OnlyDolls for a whopping $3,997.00."

Matthew Camp embraces his life-size head
Matthew Camp embraces his life-size head  (Source: Vimeo)

"I got the coolest fucking thing in the mail a day or two ago and I've been waiting to open it on camera for you guys. It's amazing," he explained in a video of himself seeing the doll for the first time.

Explaining that there is some assembly required (including attaching the head to the body), Camp was blown away when he unwrapped his head. "Are those my eyes? Gorgeous? Pretty close," he boasted comparing himself to the head.

He then compared to a white hair on his actual head, which is not found on the doll. "I've had a hard life. It's been a long, hard life of doing porn. And sucking dick."

Stroking the head, he wondered, "Is this real human hair?"

Removing the headless body from the box, he was equally surprised. "I get that's my body. (It's) My body and they got it... This is exactly what I look like. "

Camp then signed off to go and explore his new toy.