Watch: 11 Hot Men 'Bare' All in New Doc

Thursday November 26, 2020

A promotional photo from "BARE"
A promotional photo from "BARE"  (

One movie you may not want to see slip under the radar is "BARE," Aleksandr M. Vinogradov's documentary that follows a well-known Belgian choreographer Thierry Smits through a process of creating his piece "Anima Ardens" with a group of male dancers who perform on stage naked.

"In between breathtaking dance sequences," reads a description on the film's website, "'BARE 'reveals the artistic collaboration and conflict between choreographer and company as they build an avant-garde piece steeped in dark, primal energy and ritual with 11 male dancers who perform fully naked on stage. With the creation they address questions of body politics, gender, censorship and aesthetics which is often taboo—subjects through contemporary dance. A creative exploration of the underrepresentation of the naked male form in performing arts, the film documents the arduous process of auditioning, rehearsing and opening the dance piece 'Anima Ardens (Burning Soul).'"

Director Aleksandr M. Vinogradov

"BARE" is currently available to stream as part of the 2020 DOCNYC Film Festival through November 19. Included with the screening ticket is an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Aleksandr M. Vinogradov (Director), Valentin Braun and Thierry Smits ("Subjects"), immediately following the film. (Follow this link for more information.)

"Intimate and thoughtful cinematography makes 'BARE' a stunning watch," writes the website Reel News Daily in reviewing the film. "Director Aleksandr M. Vinogradov shows us everything it takes to make dance breathe. From the athleticism to the partner trust, the personalities and the repetition, the balance of strength and weakness, all of these things while the performers are completely nude. 'BARE' breaks barriers in its boldness from every angle."

"Making a documentary about the making of a nude dance performance has been quite a job in itself already, because there are so many clichés connected with this genre," noted Vinogradov.

A promotional photo from "Bare"

"It was important for me to document original working methods of Thierry and his unique choreography, writes Vinogradov on the film's website. "But it was more important to reveal his relationship with dancers through the process of the creation and dealing with nudity. Additionally, with this project I want to express that nudity is not trivial. In a society that tends towards absolute control and prudishness, artists must react...

"We can't do anything with the fact that we perceive a naked body as a sexual object, evaluate it and compare it with our own. Especially when it comes to the male nude body, which is much less represented. That's why I was trying to use more an observation style while creating scenes, and that has truly given documentary its claim on 'reality' and 'authenticity'. With this approach my film developed into the cinema verité style of observational documentary."

Watch the trailer to "BARE":

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