In Honor of Cher's Birthday, Her 10 Best Songs

by Christopher Ehlers

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday May 30, 2022
Originally published on May 25, 2022

In Honor of Cher's Birthday, Her 10 Best Songs
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According to most, there are only seven wonders of the modern world. But if you left it up to us, we would go ahead and make it an even eight, adding Cher to that list. There's not much that Cher hasn't accomplished in her seven-decade career — one that's still very much alive, thank you very much.

Cher turns 76 this week, so we wanted to look back at 10 of her best songs. Naturally, with a career spanning seven decades, there are going to be some extraordinary songs left off this list. Regardless, we believe these are the 10 very best songs Cher has ever released. Happy Birthday, Queen.


The lead single off her 22nd (!!) studio album of the same name, this title track revitalized her career and catapulted Cher back into worldwide fame. It was Cher's first real foray into contemporary dance music, and it marked the first time Auto-Tune had ever been used in a song. The single alone sold over 11 million copies, even earning Cher a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Shockingly, despite decades worth of indelible material, "Believe" also marked Cher's first — and only — Grammy Award.

"If I Could Turn Back Time"

When Cher released this song 32 years ago, little did she know that one day, she'd literally figure out how to stop time. Okay, so maybe her plastic surgeon deserves that credit, but her voice has barely aged a day. Written by 13-time Academy Award loser Diane Warren, this song still slaps today, and its music video is probably Cher's most iconic to date. Even in live performance now, she recreates it brilliantly, outfit and all.

"I Got You Babe"

It's sort of amazing to think that Cher has been releasing music for almost 60 years. This sweet song, written by Sonny Bono, hit number one and sold over a million copies. When Cher first heard this song, woken up from a dead sleep by Sonny, she told him that she didn't think it would be a hit and went back to bed. Of course, she was wrong, and it became not only their signature song, but an essential song of the early hippie counterculture movement.

"Strong Enough"

Released as the second single off her "Believe" album, "Strong Enough" is every bit as much of a banger as the title track. Despite failing to gain mainstream traction and radio play, many critics called it the album's best song, and in 2020, the Chicago Tribune named it one of the best Pride anthems of all time.

"I Found Someone"

Originally written and sung by Laura Branigan just a year before Cher released it in 1987, "I Found Someone" was the first single off her self-titled album, which was intended to be something of a musical comeback after devoting a lot of time to making movies (and winning an Oscar). Cher was in the tabloids a lot at the time for dating Rob Camilletti, who was 17 years younger than her. Naturally, Cher put him in the music video, which was a hit on MTV, becoming Cher's first Top 10 music video in a decade.

"Take Me Home"

Cher's 1979 album "Take Me Home" is hardly her best. But if it's remembered for nothing other than gifting the world this single, it's a welcome addition to her incredible oeuvre. After three failed albums in the late '70s, Cher wanted to change course and go into rock music. But a record executive at Casablanca Records urged her to give disco a shot, and the rest was history. And if Cher hadn't proven herself as a viable dance music icon of the '70s, would she have as convincingly made her late '90s comeback with dance music?

"All or Nothing"

The third single off 1998's "Believe," this perfect song is further proof that "Believe" is an uncannily strong album, possibly Cher's best. "All or Nothing" didn't smash records like "Believe" did, but it was still a strong performer and reached the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.

"A Song for the Lonely"

Three years after her career-defining "Believe," Cher tried to cover similar territory her 2001 album "Living Proof," which includes "(This is) A Song for the Lonely." Though it was originally written as a love song, the events of September 11 reframed the song, which instead became a defiant celebration of life and togetherness. Sadly, Cher almost never performs the song live anymore; the last time concertgoers got to hear it was a decade ago. Maybe on her next farewell tour?

"Heart of Stone"

The fourth single from her 1989 album of the same name, "Heart of Stone" was released behind "After All," "If I Could Turn Back Time," and "Just Like Jesse James." We like "Jesse James," but as Cher herself has said, she never understood why people loved that song as much as they do, so we decided to go with "Heart of Stone," a song that at least tries to say something about the world. Even now, it's a solid song that has stood the test of time

"Alive Again"

Released after "Song for the Lonely" as a single only in Europe, "Alive Again" is one of the greatest Cher songs that most people don't know. It's one of the catchiest and most defiantly hopeful songs Cher has ever released, and yet the diva has never performed it live, a travesty if you ask us.