Just Why Did Taron Egerton Quit 'Cock'?

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday July 17, 2022
Originally published on July 6, 2022

Taron Egerton as Elton John in the film "Rocketman"
Taron Egerton as Elton John in the film "Rocketman"  (Source:Associated Press)

In a new interview with the New York Times, actor Taron Egerton is opening up about the series of unfortunate events that led to him dropping out of the West End run of the play "Cock."

On the production's opening night, Egerton made headlines after collapsing on stage. After a few successful shows, then he reportedly picked up a nasty COVID-19 infection. Starring opposite "Bridgerton's" Jonathan Bailey, Egerton's understudy Joel Harper-Jackson eventually took over the role after just one month.

Behind the scenes, Egerton tells the New York Times that he was also struggling with a family member's cancer diagnosis during the show.

"Toward the end of last year, a close family member was diagnosed with cancer, and I dropped out of a film to come home and be with that person," says Egerton, who is set to play an imprisoned drug dealer in the Apple TV+ series an "Black Bird."

His workt with "Cock" was his attempt to return to work, he explained.

"I thought that, with the play, I was ready to go back to work, but I wasn't. I had to leave, and it was sad, and absolutely one of the hardest decisions I've had to make," says the "Rocketman" star.

Now, though, Egerton says he is back and ready to work. Specifically, he says that he has his eyes set on picking up the claws of the character Wolverine in a Marvel movie.

"I'd be excited but I'd be apprehensive as well, because Hugh (Jackman) is so associated with the role that I'd wonder if it'd be very difficult for someone else to do it," says Egerton.

Something tells us he will find a way to make the claws his own. Read the full interview with Egerton at the New York Times.