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Our Favorite CBD and Hemp Brands to Elevate Your Holiday Gift-Giving

Thursday December 9, 2021
Originally published on November 29, 2021

Our Favorite CBD and Hemp Brands to Elevate Your Holiday Gift-Giving
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Are you stumped for creative gift-giving ideas? Socks are a snooze. Coffee mugs are mundane. Get creative by introducing your friends and loved ones to one of the top-trending gift ideas of the season: CBD.

Don't worry — they're not going to get you high. CBD is one of many cannabinoids of the hemp plant. Available as broad-spectrum (THC-free) or full-spectrum (less than .3% THC), CBD and hemp products have been studied for their potential benefits in managing stress, anxiety and sleep — even everyday aches and pains associated with muscle fatigue and inflammation. (And for our Cali friends, we've also included a favorite cannabis company in Los Angeles.)

Choosing a reliable and transparent company is the key to gifting a product that is effective and on trend! EDGE has canvassed the industry to select some of our favorites, each with its unique take on formulation, flavor profiles, and products. Can't decide? Create your own wellness gift package and mix and match from different brands!

(Source: Sunday Scaries)

Sunday Scaries

Ho ho ho, the holidays are coming fast, and you can prep for a stress-less season with Holiday Scaries CBD gumdrops ($34). From your besties at Sunday Scaries, these seasonal gummies contain all of the brand's high-quality CBD tidings to support relaxation. But what makes Holiday Scaries so unique is the addition of L-Theanine and vitamin B12, which can help ease anxiety, stay focused, and boost energy. Plus, these yummy cinnamon- and spearmint-spiced CBD gummies are vegan, dishing out 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD per gumdrop (so they're THC-free). Supplies are limited, so get your bottle of jolly Holiday Scaries soon, before Santa's elves load up.

Want to double the fun? Check out Sunday Scaries' signature product, Unicorn Jerky ($19), a rainbow-striped CBD candy with proceeds benefitting The Trevor Project. And if you're looking for the full-throttle Sunday Scaries gift to give, the Rando Bundle includes Vegan AF CBD gummies, Sunday Scaries gummies and CBD oil ($60-$75).

(Source: beam)


Co-founders Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran, both former professional athletes, were all too familiar with the aches and pains of an active lifestyle. Their search for natural relief led them to the power of the hemp plant and the creation of beam, a health and wellness company that offers a product line with the cleanest CBD products available and 100 percent free of THC. Every batch is triple-tested to ensure high quality, making it the perfect gift for a loved one with an active lifestyle. Not to mention, professional athlete Gus Kenworthy is their newest brand partner, global wellness ambassador, and investor.

Some of our top holiday picks include the new limited-edition white chocolate peppermint dream powder ($57-$76), a winter riff on beam's best-selling dream powder, to help you fall asleep and stay asleep; the one ($42-$96), an organic CBD oil that promotes relaxation, calm and balance: and our self-care pick, focus capsules ($51-$68), featuring CoQ10, ginseng and ashwagandha to help combat the inevitable holiday brain drain!

(Source: MOONWLKR)


If you want to wow your loved ones this holiday season with out-of-this-world CBD gifts, look no further than MOONWLKR.

Specializing in Delta-8 THC formulations, MOONWLKR's gummies and tinctures deliver a mild euphoria, along with a sense of calm and relaxation — much-needed during the holiday season and as the new year kicks in! Even a micro-dose (less than 5mg) can have therapeutic benefits, making MOONWLKR's products some of the most affordable and effective on the market.

MOONWLKR's fun holiday bundles offer something for every budget. Go big with a Delta-8 THC Gummies 3-Pack and free 20-count Comet pack ($119), which you can gift to one lucky recipient or divide among your besties. If your special someone prefers tinctures, choose 2 CBD Tinctures (with the added benefits of CBG and CBN, if you'd like) with a free add-on of new-release gummies formulated for stress, pain relief and sleep ($69). And for the ultimate gift exchange, try the Delta-8 Comets + Asteroids Bundle ($29) in fun flavors like Blue Dream Berry, Strawberry Diesel, Purple Punch, and more.

(Source: Doc Knight MD)

Doc Knight MD

Few wellness brands have the vast medical expertise as the team at Doc Knight MD. Founded by Dr. Ricardo Knight and the team at Medlux Rehabilitation & Wellness, a Chicago area physical medicine and rehabilitation center, Doc Knight MD harnesses the power of a premium CBD strain called PCR hemp, rich in CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Experts from Doc Knight MD suggest full-spectrum Bath Bombs ($13/each) for a soothing delivery of CBD's benefits. (We love the aromatic eucalyptus and relaxing lavender scents!)

Once you step out of the bath, the Hand & Body Lotion ($55) combines botanical ingredients with THC-free CBD for a formulation that enriches skins elasticity and softness while adding essential vitamins and nutrients that protect against damaging free radicals.

And to ease the day's daily stressors, the Broad Spectrum Tincture ($100) delivers all of the benefits of CBD in tincture form for effective and fast absorption.

Doc Knight MD also offers a line of beauty products made with skin-enriching CBD, such as Lavender and Chamomile Toner ($55) and Nourishing Eye Creme ($77).

(Source: One Farm)

One Farm

Living well is easier when we take care of our bodies. Even better when those good things are delicious and pack in superfood benefits.

Austin-based One Farm delivers that mighty combo with its line of USDA Organic superfood powders, including a Turmeric Latte with CBD ($49.99). Serving up to five mg of CBD per serving and loaded with turmeric and other natural adaptogens, this superfood powder packs in anti-inflammatory ingredients to keep your body feeling fluid and youthful. Simply add the Turmeric Latte powder to warm or steamed milk for a spicy-sweet, warm, and healthy drink.

For an immunity boost this winter, consider gifting Daily 8 Mushroom Immunity Boost ($49.99), a blend of eight immune-boosting mushrooms, ginger, and single-origin organic Rizek cacao for a formula that will not only help you stay well this flu season but is delicious, too. Bonus: One Farm is committed to inclusivity, with an LGBTQ+-led marketing team that gives back to the community.

(Source: Roots Los Angeles)

Roots Los Angeles

California is America's cannabis capital, but weeding through the weed dispensaries can be tricky. Southern Californians seeking a reliable dispensary should be sure to check out Roots Los Angeles in Sun Valley. It's open for pre-order pickups and offers happy-hour deals and other discounts.

Roots Los Angeles sells high-end THC products, from edibles and prerolls to topicals and accessories. But its concentrates selection truly dazzles, selling an array of resin, rosin, tablets, sugar, badder, and an emerging form gaining popularity: Diamonds, a pure crystalline concentrate rich in THC cannabinoids. Seasoned cannabis fans will love STIIIZY Extracts Diamonds — Animal Mintz ($35). With notes of sweet, floral pine, it's the perfect kick-off to an uber-happy holiday season. (This gift tip is for California only.)