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Black Tie CBD Raises the Bar with Quality CBD Products

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday June 17, 2022

Black Tie CBD Raises the Bar with Quality CBD Products

When it comes to recognizing what's great and what's a gimmick in the confusing world of CBD products, the key to finding the right product line for you should begin with the company, says Black Tie CBD.

With proven medicinal benefits for reducing pain, anxiety, and depression symptoms, CBD products are quickly becoming must-haves in medicine cabinets across the country, as more people look to improve their overall mental health and physical wellness.

Available in topical, edible, or smokable forms, there are CBD products to fit nearly every lifestyle and routine from a seemingly endless list of companies, which can make choosing the right, safe, product for you a process fraught with confusion. Of course, not all CBD products are created equal. When it comes to recognizing what's great and what's a gimmick, the key to finding the right product line for you should begin with the company, says Black Tie CBD.

Black Tie CBD's mission is to "improve the well-being" of its customers while "raising the hemp industry's standard of excellence." That mission is reflected in the brand's curated list of quality products concentrated with cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and THC Delta 8. Their product lineup includes oils (tinctures), flowers, edibles, topicals, capsules, vapes, and pet products — all at an affordable price.

Headquartered in Yuba City, California, Black Tie was officially established in 2018, but the company's roots date back to 2014, when the group of experienced cannabis growers decided to create a "unique and impactful" CBD product for those who did not have easy access to cannabis.

"We crossbred our hemp and cannabis to create federally legal hemp products that were simultaneously potent in CBD and unique in flavor and effect," says Kyle Colpack, owner of Black Tie, explaining that starting the company made sense once the Federal Farm Bill allowed for the interstate commerce of hemp products.

Since then, Black Tie CBD has quickly grown into an award-winning company, offering their lab-tested and US-grown products nationwide.

In 2019, the company's federally compliant hemp flowers (containing less than .3 percent THC) won 2nd place in the "Best CBD Flower" category at the High Times DOPE Cup: High Desert cannabis competition. Black Tie's quality hemp beat out many marijuana-based CBD flowers to win. "It was the first time that industrial hemp was used versus marijuana in a High Times cannabis competition," explains Black Tie. It was also the last time that hemp was allowed into a High Times cannabis cup, as the company created all-hemp competitions the following year.

In the same year (2019), Black Tie's Lemon Cream Diesel CBG hemp flower strain also won "Best Hemp Flower" at the Oregon Grower's Cup, with judges complimenting its rare genetics, unusual effects, and smooth smoke as winning qualities.

Hemp Flowers are not the only product that is putting trophies on the shelf. Other products, such as their solventless Kief, Afghani Hash, and Vape Cartridges, have fetched the company shiny hardware.

Awards and accolades aside, what really sets the brand apart from the competition is the team's "commitment to innovation and quality as well as customer satisfaction."

Black Tie produces the majority of the hemp strains found in its store. However, some strains are sourced from reliable partner farms to add variety to the lineup. Customers can rest assured that all products are verified by third-party lab analysis to ensure consumer safety. A menu of more than 150 product offerings enables the brand to offer something for everyone.

"From newbies to hemp connoisseurs," Black Tie says, their "ultimate vision is to offer products that are innovative, affordable, consistent and transparent, driven by our capabilities." Most importantly, the company adds, "So that more people get to experience the magic of
Black Tie CBD for themselves."

Have Questions? Visit Black Tie CBD's Frequently Asked Question section for more information about the company's CBD products and uses and applications.