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British Man Left Paralyzed After Brutal Homophobic Attack

Sunday April 24, 2022

Morgan Fevre in his hospital bed
Morgan Fevre in his hospital bed  (Source:GoFundMe)

A British man was left paralyzed after a brutal homophobic attack early in the morning on April 10 after being accused of wearing a "girl's jacket."

Morgan Fevre, a 22-year-old care worker, moved from the town of Retford to Manchester last year because he saw the city as a beacon for inclusiveness. But early in the morning on April 10, he was brutally assaulted in the city center for being gay, Pink News reports.

"He had been out with friends in the early hours when a man allegedly asked Morgan why he was wearing a 'girl's jacket' before calling him a 'fucking fag,'" the website writes. With him at the time was his partner Elliot Lyte.

Morgan's father Paul told Pink News that his son has "no memory of the attack" and "his assailant targeted him for the sequinned jacket he was wearing in Chinatown at 1:35am, Paul alleged," writes Pink News.

He required 40 staples by doctors in his emergency craniotomy.

Paul and his wife Dawn rushed to the Manchester Royal Infirmary to see Morgan upon learning of his injuries. "When we saw Morgan laid there it was absolutely heartbreaking — tubes everywhere, wires everywhere," Paul recalled.

"And then when Morgan saw us, he started crying. The first thing he did is say, 'I've obviously done something wrong for this to happen', instantly blaming himself and apologizing that we've had to come and drive to Manchester and things like that.

"And that's probably what hurt the most, in all fairness, that the first thing that ran through his mind is he deserved those kinds of injuries."

Paul has launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help cover living costs as he is unable to work after the incident. Morgan remains paralyzed after the event.

On the GoFundMe Page, Paul Fevre wrote accompanied with a photo of Paul in bed (above)"

"This is my son Morgan. In the early hours of Sunday the 10th of April he was the victim of a homophobic attack. It left him with a bleed on the brain which needed a life saving craniotomy. He also had 3 broken teeth, cheekbone and eye socket. His nose was broken in 4 places.

"Morgan is 22 years old and is a support worker for adults with learning difficulties. Due to possible volatile situations he won't be able to return to work. In fact his consultant has told him that he will be housebound unless supervised for the foreseeable future. He has rent to pay, dental costs etc and was due to go on holiday in May. He's not allowed to fly so has lost that too. He moved to Manchester from Retford a small market town in Nottinghamshire. He chose Manchester because of its inclusiveness but is now fearful of ever going out again. He's definitely suffering with PTSD.

"Money won't change this but will help him manage with expenses as he gets back to some sort of normality."