Marines' Punishment Included Forced Masturbation to Gay Pornography

by Donyae Lewis

South Florida Gay News

Sunday December 10, 2017

A trial is currently underway for two British Royal Marine corporals who are accused of administering hazing punishments to marines that made mistakes at their Scottish bases. The punishments included being whipped and forced to strip and masturbate to gay pornography.

According to The Sun, Corporals Philip Beer and Danny Foster would gather the marines during a daily routine called "family time," where they would go over the team's failings of the day.

That's when their sick version of the popular show, "Deal or No Deal," would commence.

Marines were offered a series of degrading and abusive tasks to perform, in the style of the TV game show, to make up for the mistakes they had made that day. One task, that caused some marines to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, was being forced to masturbate to gay porn.

One prosecutor, who chose to remain anonymous due to privacy, told court martials that despite their efforts to refuse the humiliating treatment, Foster would tell the marines "you fucking are," and force them to perform it anyway.

"The porn was military themed porn, the men had berets on and people were watching us - we were told the last person to ejaculate would get another punishment," the prosecutor said.

"I felt disgusted and degraded having to do it, it was massively degrading, I had no power against it; I could not say no."

There were other abusive tactics that the corporals ordered. "Django," based off the Quentin Tarantino film, saw the soldiers being whipped and beaten as they hung upside down.

Prosecutors also spoke of an activity called "new born baby," where the marines were required to shave all the hair off their bodies. If the corporals felt that they missed a spot, the punishment got only worse.

"The complainant said he had spent an hour-and-a-half shaving and had tried his best, but when checked he had not got all the hair. He was given 15 minutes to shave the remaining hair but refused, saying he had gone above and beyond already," one prosecutor said. "Corporal Beer told him to go outside because he was to be given a 'thrashing', which involved him running up and down a hill in full weapons gear and carrying 20 large water bottles both up and down."

Both of the Royal Marine corporals have denied three counts of ill-treatment of a subordinate.

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