Walmart's Active Shorts Image Reveals Something XXL

Thursday April 28, 2022
Originally published on April 5, 2022

The Walmart pic for their Men's Active Shorts on their website
The Walmart pic for their Men's Active Shorts on their website  (

Walmart does not come to mind when it comes to provocative images, but an EDGE colleague found this pic on their website of a buff man modeling a pair of men's active shorts with something XXL in full view. Apparently, someone in the graphics department forgot to blur the image.

How this image got by Walmart's standards and practices is likely another story, but — for now at least — the largest retail chain in America has entered the debate over the ways penises are presented in the media. The new HBO Max show "Minx" is setting a standard with full frontal (the show is about an adult magazine similar to Playgirl), picking up the mantle from such other shows as "Euphoria," "Industry," and "Sex/Life" (amongst others).

A Google search on "Men's Casual Short Pants Gym Fitness Jogging Running Sports Wear Shorts Trousers" found this pic as the first item, which means that the pic might be getting some traction on the web.

In the reviews section, one shopper asked, "Does the eggplant come with them too?"