Watch: Gerwig Promises 'A Lot' of Looks for Gosling in 'Barbie' Movie

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Monday November 21, 2022

Director Greta Gerwig gave her assurances that Ryan Gosling will have as many looks as Ken should have when he portrays the burning hunk of plastic love in next summer's "Barbie" movie, according to IndieWire.

"There was particular excitement over their cowboy outfits and neon roller skating getups, both of which prompted endless speculation about the film's mysterious plot," the article recalled.

But some worried that the leaked images constituted spoilers, the article added. Gerwig sought to put those fears to rest.

Speaking with Variety at a red carpet event, the director let a few fashion breadcrumbs fall in advance of the film's scheduled July premiere.

"Did you expect the fascination with Yyan's look for 'Barbie?'" the entertainment outlet's Marc Malkin asked the director. "How crazy people went for it?"

"I'm thrilled, because that is how I felt, and how [co-star] Margo felt, and I'm thrilled that everyone shares our feelings," the "Ladybird" director told Malkin.

Asked what she thought about Gosling's "final look" for the film, Gerwig suggested that anything the public might have seen so far is far from the only look Ken will be sporting.

"I'll just say it is one of many extraordinary looks," Gerwig teased.

"We haven't seen all the Ken looks of Ryan?" Malkin asked.

"Not even close!" Gerwig laughed.

"How many looks are we talking?" Malkin pressed.

"I couldn't say," Gerwig replied, "but it's a lot!"

Watch the red carpet interview below.

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