UK Pop Singer Will Young Recalls Pleasuring Himself on Trains

Monday September 28, 2020

Will Young
Will Young  (Source:Facebook)

British pop star Will Young explained in his new book that before coming out, he would purchase gay porn magazines at the subway station and pleasure himself on board while traveling home, Metro reports.

The former Pop Idol winner has been promoting "To Be A Gay Man," a memoir with a specific focus on the experience of gay shame. Young explains that he first saw the magazines at a shop in Victoria Station, and eventually worked up the courage to purchase some. Riddled with anxiety, he feared the shopkeeper or other customers would notice and judge him.

Young eventually worked himself to up to the point where he would pleasure himself in the bathroom and dispose of the magazines before departing the train at his stop. "Slowly, I was finding my own sexuality through these magazines... the interesting thing was that it was done very much in secret and under a veil of guilt and shame, yet it was happening." The singer came out in 2002 ahead of being outed by a British tabloid.

The impetus for "To Be A Gay Man," Young explains, is the impact of gay shame on his life:

"Particularly when you're growing up feeling that you're wrong in society — all the messages that you're getting from movies and TV — this is back in the day, we're much better now, but it creates this awful, internalised shame and it starts from when you're really young, and it's a topic that is quite unexplored."

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