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Calvin Klein’s "in your face" underwear ads hit the web

Tuesday Mar 16, 2010

While cruising around Hulu recently, this ad popped up. (see below).

As he did with Marky Mark in 1992, Calvin Klein again pushes the envelope with sexually explicit images geared for gay male audiences.

This playfully sexy ad (plus three similar ones) promote Calvin Klein X underwear line. It premiered on a dedicated microsite last month and is now making a statement on other websites. In April it will find its way into print media.

The ad features four hunks - American actors Kellen Lutz (from Twilight) and Mehcad Brooks (from True Blood) and two international sports stars, Fernando Verdasco, and Japanese soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata modeling the underwear and teasing (some may say taunting) the viewer with the question, "Do you want to see my...?" The word is bleeped out and a red "X" appears on the screen.

According to press release, the campaign was directed by Trey Laird of Laird & Partners, with still photography by fashion photographer Mikael Jansson and digital films produced by Darius Khondji.

"The launch of Calvin Klein X underwear is a truly global initiative, so we believe it is imperative to feature talent from our most important regions - Asia, Europe, and the USA in the launch advertising, said Tom Murry, President & CEO, Calvin Klein, Inc. in the press release. "The creative is in the spirit and tradition of the most innovative of Calvin Klein underwear campaigns."

"Our newest campaign is a wonderful representation of today's Calvin Klein underwear consumer, reflecting the breadth and diversity of our global reach in a way that speaks to their lifestyle with a resonant message through media that is relevant to them, said Helen McCluskey, President, Warnaco Intimate Apparel and Swim. "We expect that this will give us an opportunity to communicate to even a broader audience worldwide."

However they want to put it, these provocative ads again show that sexy images sell underwear.

You can watch all the ads at the xmarkyourspot microsite. While all fairly similar, the last one (film 3) appears to be more aimed at gay men. It is more "in your face" with its sexual come-on and the phrase "all the girls (bleeped) them crazy" (spoken by Verdasco) has been cut.

Below is the 30-second version:


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  • FUNNY GUY, 2010-03-22 12:21:36

    Calvin Klein himself probably did not concieve this marketing project because he sold the company 8 years ago. Most likely, the marketing/advertising tems thought this up...although you are correct that Mark Wahlberg was his idea in ’92.

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