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How to Show Off the Best You & Land More Dates

by Bobby McGuire
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Saturday Oct 7, 2017

The only gay dating app that requires real face pictures, Chappy, makes sure the guy you're talking to is actually who he says he is, so you can spend more time talking and less time swiping.

To land Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now), you need to make sure you're showing off the best you on your profile - a good profile shot can be a make or break for a match.

That's why EDGE and dating app Chappy teamed up with celebrity portrait photographers, Stephen Mosher to come up with six must-do's to make your profile picture stand out.

Mosher's Six Rules For the Perfect Portrait

1) Clothes make the man.

Everyone has that one outfit that looks and makes them feel great. Whether it's a perfectly tailored suit or the sweater your gram knit you last holiday, show off what makes you feel like the ten you are.

2) Location, Location, Location.

Have your photo taken someplace neutral and not distracting. If you take your photo at home, tidy up the place. Your dirty Ramen bowl from last Saturday doesn't exactly scream boyfriend material. Photos in your favorite locales work best. Take it outside on your front steps, the local park or the pier. Who doesn't loves an outdoorsy man?

3) Selfies are a no-no.

Get a good friend to snap your picture --nothing says "I have no friends" more than a photo you took of yourself in the bathroom mirror (and, no, a peace sign does not make it better).

4) Accessorize with your brain.

Lose the sunglasses and shark tooth necklace. Stick to the basics -make sure your hair is nicely styled, your teeth are clean, and there's nothing crusty in your eyes or nose. Oh, and skip all the costumes. It's a dating app, not RuPaul's Drag Race.

5) Be yourself.

If you smile like Julia Roberts in real life, go for it. Mastered the art of the sexy smirk? Work it. Show the side of you that people will want to meet and most importantly, keep it real.

6) Retouch, but not too much.

Have a zit that just won't quit? Go ahead, edit that pic. But don't overdo it. Remember every time that you met someone that didn't look like their photo. Just sayin'...

Download Chappy here. Happy swiping!


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