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3Somer App Data Helps the LGBTQ Community Connect

Wednesday Nov 15, 2017

Looking for a threesome? Depending on your state, you might have more of a chance than others. Data from the 3Somer app shows how many gay members are signed up in each area of the U.S.

The data collected from the app could be useful when deciding where to settle with a partner, where to go on vacation, or where to head for a weekend of fun.

List of States

California comes in as the state at the top of the list, with a total of 4,436 users registered on the app with an interest in having a gay threesome. That's great news for residents of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other parts of the state.

Coming in second is New York, where there are 3,987 users waiting to make connections. The presence of the most popular destination in the country, New York City, will be largely responsible for the number of gay men in the state.

Texas is shrugging off its conservative reputation with 2,347 members, which may come as a surprise to many. Florida is also a great place to set up a gay threesome, with 2,253 members in that state.

The data shows that Illinois is another state with a pool of users to choose from, in 5th place with 1,476. Pennsylvania is next in line with 1,055 gay men looking to engage in threesomes with other eligible males in the area.

As we descend to the 7th best state for gay threesomes, Massachusetts has 895 men generally interested in taking part. Over in New Jersey, there are 854 users, while North Carolina is home to 763 users of the 3Somer app.
Michigan is a close tenth place with 716 users looking for action.

Application for Commerce

The information was all compiled from the 3Somer app and gives some interesting insights into the concentration of gay men around the United States. While some of the clusters may come as no surprise, in areas where homosexual culture is alive and thriving, the other high points may be unexpected.

Applications of the data may be of some importance for businesses targeting certain demographics with their marketing. It seems that those who are gay, happy to explore, and leading active sex lives can be found in larger pools in some states than they do in others.

3somer is available on Appstore and Google Play. For more information, contact


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