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Silver Fox Colton Ford Says You Can Have It... If You Can 'Handle It'

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"Signed, Sealed, Delivered," the 2004 dance club anthem that kickstarted Colton Ford's music career after his short stint as an adult film star, begins with a high tempo thrust and a stern lamentation. "Like a fool I went and stayed too long," Ford sings, continuing with "now I'm wondering if your love's still strong," before ending on the titular hook. These words could also be a metaphor to Ford's return to music.

The tune is a cover of Stevie Wonder's hit of the same name. And just as it was a turning point in Wonder's career in 1970, so too was it for Ford's in 2004. The then 40-year-old was leaving behind the adult movie industry and starting a mainstream music career. To coincide with that decision was the documentary "Naked Fame" which follows him on his journey from "porn to pop star."

Today, at age 60, the silver fox is returning to his X-rated roots. Sort of. His new song "Handle It" from his fifth studio album "Permission," gets pretty sexy in the music video – so sexy that there are two versions; one with nudity, the other without. Far from the hardcore scenes he did in his past, "Handle It" is more of a statement about ageism and sex than a blue movie.

Watch the video for "Handle It."

"I am an exhibitionist and I embrace and enjoy it," he says. The song is about hooking up with a stranger, Ford explains. "I don't know if you can handle it but you can have it." If that seems salacious, it's meant to be. "We went and filmed at The Barracks in Palm Springs and I asked friends of mine, Drew, Mac, and Macho to be a part of it."

Captured in the video are those spontaneous meet-up moments which include the burly men exploring each other's naked bodies. "I wanted it to be really playful," he says. "We edited two versions; one that is cropped right above the goodies and one that's not."

That explains the salacious part, but what about the message?

"I loved what it represented," Ford adds. "There are four guys; two are 60. One, I think is approaching 50, and one in his 30s and we're just having a playful time with one another and embracing it, enjoying it. I like the diversity of it. I like that there are four, you know, guys that are just being themselves and enjoying all that they are in tandem with a song that's just about, you know, having some sex and can handle it, you know what I mean?"

Born Glenn Soukesian, the entertainer has been using his stage name Colton Ford since he started doing adult movies almost 20 years ago. He admits to reserving the former for when he is hanging out with friends, and the latter when he is in character for business. "I really think it's healthy to keep the two worlds separate to a degree," he says. But he doesn't mind if people address him as Colton in public.

Colton Ford
Source: Colton Ford

"I just feel like it's, it's way healthier to not live in your persona," Ford says. "But it's an extension of me that I've been able to create and grow a brand. Entertainers that have been in the business for a while have gone through a bunch of different names, right? And I experienced that and this is the first name that I really like – [Colton Ford] is a hot name."

Having already made a name for himself in independent movies and music, one might wonder if he will tackle the literary market. Certainly, there are some great stories worth telling from his time in the business. He became an adult film star just as the medium was about to blow up online, and knowing impresario Chi Chi La Rue, there ought to be some good insider stories to tell.

Ford says he has been approached about writing a book. Still, he is apprehensive. There are a lot of things he could write about that he fears some wouldn't want out there. The motivation to keep things that he does under his professional name is an ethic he holds close to his heart.

"There are a lot of people in my life that would be included in my stories, and you know, they are salacious and whatnot," he says. "I just don't know who would be cool with that and who wouldn't, you know?"

Still, he is going to start asking people if they would be okay with it. "My desire would be not to expose anybody in a way that they don't wanna be exposed."

With his new album "Permission" just released on digital platforms, Ford isn't slowing down. He is making an example of how getting older doesn't mean having a sedentary life. He says the "Handle It" video shows that you can be contemporary and maintain a level of fitness and activity. The only reference he had to turning 60 were his grandparents.

"I certainly don't look like my grandparents," he contends. "So it's a new day and hopefully it'll send a message to people who are younger that it doesn't stop at a certain age. You know, you can still do your thing."

That conviction and creedo are the charges that keep him going. This is a new chapter in his life, and he is, as the song goes, "signed, sealed, delivered" and ready to live it. There is a positivity in his voice as he talks about "Permission" and the aim of his future.

"I'm never gonna be tapped out," he says. "This is just what I do. I don't know that we'll release a full album again because it's not an album market. But we have a large catalog and we wanted to get some of these songs out to the universe and so we put together this record to do that and I'm really, really happy with the way it turned out, and the quality and production of it and all that kind of good stuff."

Colton's Ford's "Permission" is a Woop Woop Productions release and is available now on all major digital platforms. The edited "Handle It" music video is on YouTube. The unedited version can be found on his Just For Fans page and The Sword.

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by Timothy Rawles

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