Nicole Kidman in her earlier ad for AMC Source: AMC/YouTube

Nicole Kidman Is Returning In Her Mesmerizing AMC Theater Ads

Emell Adolphus READ TIME: 1 MIN.

One of the best parts of going to see a movie at an AMC Theatre is returning this March.

That's right, Nicole Kidman is set to return in her mesmerizing "We Make Movies Better" ads in not one, not two, but three new ads to debut this spring.

As reported by Rolling Stone, the ads will market the AMC Theatre experience and beckon movie fans to return to theaters to see films.

The first ad starring Kidman began showing fall 2021, with a reported $25 million price tag. Although it was spoofed at first around the internet, it's garnered "a cult-like nature, and became part of the American zeitgeist," said AMC CEO Adam Aron, Deadline reported.

"You won't get like three in a row when you go to watch one movie. But as you watch movies going forward, you will see three different Nicole spots that will kind of randomly appear in our theaters prior to the show," explained Aron, who called the original Kidman ad "the best work of my career."

In a statement, AMC said the new ads aim to do the same. "The main theme of the campaign remains the same: With state-of-the-art technology, luxurious amenities, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, AMC Theatres is the ultimate destination for moviegoers seeking unparalleled cinematic experiences. Quite simply, We Make Movies Better."

See the original Kidman ad below and be captivated.

by Emell Adolphus

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