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'The Bachelorette' Star Tyler Cameron Heads to OnlyFans

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Tyler Cameron, veteran of reality show "The Bachelorette," is now on OnlyFans. His inaugural post features a bearskin rug... and a lot of Tyler's skin, too.

Although, notes UK newspaper the Daily Mail, there's still a little that fans flocking to the post won't see; the article reveals that "a black square is conveniently placed over his nether regions in order to protect his modesty."

Cameron let his followers on Instagram know that he would now be showcased at the site, which is known as a platform where explicit content can be - but isn't necessarily - posted.

"The reveal ya'll have been asking for... head to OnlyFans to see more..." Cameron's Insta post teased, along with half the photo that Tyler posted to OnlyFans.

The post joined an earlier on in which Cameron shared a video of "my first nude shoot" and referenced the famous Burt Reynolds nude photo.

The announcement - and initial OnlyFans post - took place on April 1, which left some fans wondering if the news was for real, the Daily Mail noted.

"Is this not a joke Tyler?" one person commented at Cameron's Insta. "I'm so confused lol you wouldn't...? Would you?!"

"I just realized it's April fools day," another added.

"Tyler this isn't funny," someone else posted. "You got everyone's hopes up".

"Risking it all for April Fools... zesty vibes my dude," another offered.

But the OF post turned out to be the real deal, and people commented on that, as well.

"Some things should just be left to fantasy don't you think?" one person suggested.

A more appreciative fan remarked, "how'd ya know!?! my birthday isn't until May, but thanks for the early gift 😅😍"

The DM relayed that Cameron's OF debut is a means of raising awareness around a new reality television project.

"The contractor-turned-influencer is set to grace the small screen again in Amazon Prime's 'Going Home with Tyler Cameron'," the newspaper detailed, adding that the new show will "follow the ladies' man as he tries to start his own construction and home renovation company in Florida.

"Tyler's 'Bachelorette' ex Hannah Brown is set to make a guest appearance in the series, which premieres on April 18," the writeup added, before going on to say that Tyler's "OnlyFans bio has a plug for the show and teases that the official trailer will be launched on his racy page."

Check out some of Cameron's thirsty IG posts.

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